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TapTronic: Dubstep Meets Irish Dance

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During a period of economic success known as the Celtic Tiger, Ireland and her culture became an internationally spread phenomenon. With the Irish culture becoming a globablized entity, it wasn’t long before most cities contained an Irish pub, St. Patrick’s Day was Americanized, and Riverdance became the epitome of Irish heritage. A mere year ago, the Irish culture made its way to the world of hip-hop and electronic music with the creation of TapTronic.

Ciaran Plummer and Zach Klingenberg once toured with Riverdance legend, Michael Flatley, before branching out and creating a unique form of dance themselves. They describe their creation, which they call TapTronic, as “a progressive fusion of Irish dance and electronic music.” Plummer and Klingenberg remix popular dubstep or electronic songs by adding Irish dance steps as beats to the music.

But while the music they make with their feet is catchy and fun to listen to, their footwork is a sight to behold. Their world-class training as step dancers adds that extra ‘step’ to spice up dub-step. Though their fusion is a slow-moving process, the dancing duo is slowly making their way into the public eye. Their new video releases are steadily bringing in new viewers and they are nominated for Hugo Boss’ TV Contest. Plummer and Klingenberg’s work is bringing a new and exciting Celtic spin to the world of dubstep and electronic music, further revolutionizing a relatively new genre of music.

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