Sunday Best Recap August 5, 2012 : No One Goes Home

The “Sunday Best Six” began the show singing “Can’t Nobody Do Me Like Jesus” by Andrae Crouch.

All of the contestants did great but Michael Lampkin, Ashford Sanders and Joshua Rogers’ performances really caught my attention.

Alexis Spight came out singing “Soon and Very Soon” and she did a wonderful job. Donnie McClurkin stated she did wonderful. CiCi Winans and Yolonda Adams loved what she did with the Andrae Crouch tune.

Michael Lampkin blessed us with his version of “Oh It Is Jesus.” Michael seemed very comfortable singing this tune as the entire audience including Andrae Crouch was thoroughly impressed. After his performance, there wasn’t much that the Sunday Best judges could say.

Kizzy Walker performed “Thinking of You” and she started off a bit slow but totally killed it by the end of her performance. All of the judges said she did a great job and it showed a softer side of Kizzy.

Joshua Rogers, my favorite contestant, sung “We Expect You” in a clean pin-striped suit tonight. CiCi stated she really couldn’t hear Joshua because Donnie was singing the whole song. Yolonda loved Joshua’s performance and didn’t have much to say, but the highlight was seeing Donnie and Joshua sing the song together.

Ashford Sanders sung “Through It All” and for the first time we saw him wearing a suit. Ashford’s performance was so good it bought Andrae Crouch to tears. CiCi Loved it, Donnie sad it wasn’t good enough and Yolonda loved Ashford’s testimony.

Danetra Moore sung “Jesus Is The Answer” and this was probably her best performance so far. After her performance, in impromptu, Donnie sang “Let the Church Say Amen.” CiCi and Yolonda loved it!

Isaac Caree was the guest performer tonight and he sung Andrae Crouch’s “We Are Not Ashamed.” Isaac’s performance brought the Sunday Best crowd to a standing ovation.

In the end, no one was sent home and we will return next week with the same six finalists…..

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