Content Sharing And It Is Effect In Fashion Site Traffic

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Most people think that sharing the photos and videos on the Instagram platform will easily double the traffic to their site. Well, that may only happen if you follow the right strategies. Gaining followers from social media and driving them towards your site is not as easy a task as you think it to be. You will need to consider several factors such as:

  • Which content to include
  • What time to post it and
  • What is the rate of engagement of your posts?

There are several businesses that publish content only with an intent to build their audiences and upsurge traffic to their websites. However, it is not always that they get everything that they want from every piece of content they make.

It is only when you are very serious about your content you will be able to drive as much traffic to your site making the best of the social media as much as possible.

Sharing of content

One of the most significant ways to increase traffic to your site is to share your content across different social media channels more than once. This may sound pretty simple but you will need to consider a few facts before you indulge in it.

Make sure that immediately after producing a new blog post, you promote that specific post on social media. This will ensure that you garner a large number of clicks when you share your content with each of the social media networks. That means that immediately after your posts go live, you will need to share your content on social platforms like:

  • Facebook
  • Google+ and
  • Twitter

This will ensure that the returns you receive is exceptional and your marketing efforts pay well and look great. It will also ensure that you get more social followers and get to include them with the number of your followers for Instagram.

Laws of economics followed

Ideally, when you use the same on your site a couple of times you will have different effects at different times. These are not random results but can be logically explained according to the laws of economics, especially the law of diminishing returns.

Ideally, in keeping with the law, the traffic will not simply double when you post content for the second time in a day. The engagement and amount of traffic generated is not directly proportional to the number of times you post content on the social media platform.

That means that:

  • Things will not quite happen during the second round and
  • You will have double the traffic that you have currently only when you post it for the third time.

This ‘double’ figure is actually the numbers of the shares and comments at the second and third sets of shares combined which in fact more than doubles. That means, that the more often you share, it is likely that you will have more clicks.

The feasibility of it

Now the big question is, whether or not this type of thought of sharing a specific content more than one is really good enough and high yielding. The experts believe that sharing one contains more than once can create strong reactions on social media. They say that it is also very hard to prove that the results obtained is good enough.

There is a specific reason to say so and that is, no one notices whether particular content is posted twice or multiple times and even if someone notices it, they hardly seem to care much for it. This is particularly good for Instagram where the social media followers can hardly distinguish whether a post is new or old.

They say that sometimes it is even high yielding when content needs to be shared more than once.

  • This is also considered to be probably one of the most important and effective ways to provide your audience with the right type of value you promised them.
  • Experts are also of the opinion that if you do not share your links a couple of times, there is a high chance that the audience will never be able to see any of your updates.

Therefore, you will first need to consider then the feasibility factor before you start to contemplate on whether or not you should share content twice.

Do not be a spammer

You will surely need to make your posts look genuine and related to your site. This will make sure that you do not look like a spammer. This is easy for the customers to find because most of them have installed a specific plugin that can help them to do so. It is for this reason that you should not share an old post at random and at least once every single hour.

In order to reinforce you’re the power of your content, you must ensure that you do not share your content too much. Now you may ask how on earth the users will come to know whether or not you have shared a very old content of your recently. Well, this is a valid question but has a pretty simple answer.

Anything that is too much across a specific social media platform may seem like spam and lose its potential value.

Best practices to follow

Many people will follow the practice of posting their content a multiple time because they are more concerned with the short-term benefits rather than long-term achievements. Well, this type of approach will surely generate a number of clicks but all of it will be on a short-term basis.

Therefore, this is ideally not the best practices to follow because you will always have to look at the long-term benefits when you want to showcase your fashion product, which ideally will be a onetime opportunity to you. On the other hand, if you share too much then the people will eventually ignore you and your comments and probably will even unfollow you altogether.

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