Useful Things To Do With Instagram Stories And Bio For Better Results

Useful Things To Do With Instagram Stories And Bio For Better Results

The Instagram Stories feature is very useful for the marketers provided it is used in just the way it should be. There are lots of things that you can do with your Instagram Story so that it is enhanced, looks more appealing and real and appears for a longer time.

Instagram Stories is one of the most significant features of Instagram that will allow you to post transient photos.

• These photos will show up separately from your Instagram profile and
• These photos will only last for 24 hours

This feature is, in fact, great for helping discover the like-minded users through your profile on the homepage of Instagram.

Since this feature was first included by Instagram, Stories have become increasingly creative. That means you will need much more than a filter to make your Story stand out to your audience.

Enter ‘Type Mode.’ The best way to enhance your Instagram Stories is to use the ‘Type Mode.’ This option is much similar to Snapchat. It will give you the power to caption Stories if it needs and extra context so that it resonates with your specific audience. Here is how you can use this feature to its fullest:

• Open Instagram Stories. You can do this by swiping right from the Instagram feed. When you do so it will start your smartphone camera.
• Then, take a picture or shoot a short video
• Press the ‘A’text icon located at the top-right of your screen when you are done.

When your Instagram Story is pointed by a red arrow toward the ‘A’ text icon it will open the Type Mode. In here you will have five different fonts to choose from to write your Instagram Story that includes:

• Modern
• Typewriter
• Strong
• Neon and
• Classic

Each of these fonts will make your Story look different and of course stunning. It is up to you now to determine as to which one you as well as your audience will prefer. Confused? Take help from experts and sites like Blastup for that matter.

Create Stories Highlights

Once you are over and done with creating a rocking Story that looks stunning, you should focus now on creating Stories Highlights. This technique will ensure that your Stories are shown for longer than a day.

Like in Snapchat, all posts in Instagram typically stick around only for 24 hours for your followers to see but there may be a few specific stories that deserves a much longer time than that. In order to ensure that your stories hold a long time of the daylight, you can use the Stories Highlights feature of Instagram. This feature of Instagram will allow you to save the stories together in the same place on your profile page. This you can do by pressing the ‘New’ button with the ‘+’ icon below your profile image.

In order to make a Stories Highlight, you will need to:

• Tap this New icon
• Select any number of previous stories in your album and
• Give it a cover name and photo to display

The Instagram Stories Highlights feature will be highlighted from the page of the previous pictures as its individual Instagram Story on the profile page.

If you want to remove Stories Highlights, you can do it any time simply by tapping and holding down the story from which you want then highlight to be removed.

Contents from other users

You can even make your Instagram Story more appealing and interesting to your followers if you post content from your other users into your Instagram Story. This will be extremely helpful when you do not have anything Story-worthy to include in your Story. This will give your Story a greater and wider exposure to reach out to more of your followers.

Sharing an inspiring post from some other user and posting it in your homepage through your Instagram Stories will help you to tell it is a much better way and at the same time, it will give a lot of value to the original creator. They will be more interested to follow you and will also tag a friend of theirs to show their achievement and pride.

In order to use the content of other users, all you have to do is:

• Find a post that you find interesting and want to share in your Instagram Stories
• Tap on the paper aeroplane icon to open a screen that will have options like sending the post to specific followers or add to your Story
• Tap on the latter option to turn the post into your Instagram Story automatically.

Instagram allows you to edit and design these posts to your liking if you do not want to use it as it is. This process is much similar to that you would do with any other Instagram Story.

Enhance your bio

Instagram allows you to customize your bio with a special font but apart from that, you can also enhance your bio by adding special and atypical characters to it. This will distinguish both you and your brand. However, you will find it a bit difficult to do it from your mobile if you do not know exactly how to do it. This is because the normal keyboard of a smartphone may not include the specific icons that will specialize your bio. These are:

• § icon
• † icon and even
• ™ icon, if your Instagram name happens to be a trademarked product name.

To add special characters to your bio from your mobile device you will have to install a free mobile app such as Character Pad. This will enable you to add nearly all characters and symbols that you need and will not find in a 26-letter English alphabet.

Double-tap the picture of the chosen symbol to paste it into the text box, copy it to the phone’s clipboard, navigate to the bio and tap “Edit Profile.”

Hold your finger down on the field of the bio that you want to insert the special character until the “Paste” option appears. Tap on it and you will be all set. Get Free instagram followers from iDigic

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