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Meet Lyrica Anderson: Timbaland’s Best Kept Secret

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A few weeks ago when I was in Los Angeles I was introduced to a very talented singer/songwriter named, Lyrica Anderson. Lyrica is currently signed to Super Producer Timbaland’s Mosley Music Group and has written songs for artists like Hannah Montana, Demi Lovato and Charece.

Originally we had planned to do a video interview, but due to her schedule and label meetings we weren’t able to make it happen. However, I was able to do a phone interview with her when I made it back to Dallas.

Kelland: Where are you originally from?
Lyrica: I from California, but my family is from Dallas, TX. I’ve been in California all my life, but my father is from Louisiana so my background is “creole.”

Kelland: So how did you get started in the industry?
Lyrica: My mother was a singer/songwriter and I always went to the studio with her and I knew when I was very young music is what I wanted to do. I had a few productions deals and management deals before I made it to where I am now.

Kelland: At what point did you decide this was what you wanted to do with your life?
Lyrica: When I was thirteen. I just knew there was nothing else I wanted to do.

Kelland: How do you balance your career as an artist and as a writer?
Lyrica: At first it was really hard, because I would write these really amazing songs and I would be like wow I want to keep this. I would write for a certain artist and I would find different styles that I thought would be dope for me. But, once I really realized who I was an artist, I could really separate Lyrica the artist from the songwriter. Now I pretty much know when a record is mines cause I can feel it in my gut.

Kelland: Who are you as an artist:
Lyrica: LOL, its kind of hard to put it in words, but I’m a pop artist/ R & B artist. I’m a real artist. I talk about my experiences and all the different sides that I express is shown in my music.

Kelland: What artists do you draw inspiration from.
Lyrica: Kelis, I like her a lot. Mariah,Stevie Wonder, Michael Jackson and Timbaland. I use to study him a lot.

Kelland: How did you hook up with Timbaland?
Lyrica: A gentleman name Mason. I was in restaurant and he came up to me and said he had heard some of your work and introduced me to Tim and the rest is history.

Kelland: Are there any artist that you would like to work with?
Lyrica: Pharrell, Andre 3000, Miguel and Wale.

Kelland: How do you gain such a large following online without actually releasing a project yet.
Lyrica: Thats really crazy… What happened was, I wrote a song for a Filipino singer named Charice that performed on Oprah and it hit #1 on Billboard. That’s were it really started. Then I started picking up work from Disney and it started building up with me just being myself and talking to people on Twitter. Plus word of mouth with Timbaland and Missy tweeting me all the time.

Kelland: How important is social media in helping new artists break through.
Lyrica: I thinks it’s very important. The people are already sitting online at home and if they can’t afford a computer they are on their phone just watching a looking for the next thing. The cool thing is you don’t even have to be signed and people will start catching on to your work.

Kelland: When can we hear some of your new music?
Lyrica: Right away! We ‘re gonna do “Love Me” first and then “Jello.” We are about to get it popping real soon. Also you gonna hear me on Timbaland’s new album Shock Value 3 its coming out this summer. I can’t tell you the songs lol. We did so many records, but we do have to reserve the element of surprise.