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Skyler Grey Don’t Look Down Album Review

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Under the production and guidance of Eminem, Skyler Grey, the writer of Love the Way You Lie and singer on I Need a Doctor, released her anticipated second album, Don’t Look Down. While I haven’t heard too many things in preparation for the release of this album, I was aware of it’s existence, even the low price of $6.99 on the Google Play store the day of its release. But I had to check it out. Under production of Eminem, one of my favorite artists of all time, I knew I had to listen to the album. But what starts out strong and solid can’t make up for the shear disappointment I felt as the album kept going.



Back From the Dead sets off the album with a produced track from J.R. Rotem that brilliantly melds together a rock and hip-hop beat. Add Travis Barker’s drum skills over that, beautiful singing by Grey and a verse by Big Sean, and you have yourself a solid song for radio play. The next song, Final Warning, has an eerie sound to it, which drives the album further into what could be memorable. Final Warning is exactly that, a final warning to a significant other who wronged her in the past. And yes, like a song from Slim Shady way back when, she kills this person in the song over the innocent tune of “la la la la la la”.




The album starts out very strong with plenty of variety over the course of the first five songs, with the fifth song being the lead single C’mon Let Me Ride. Then after those songs, something happens; the album feels stale and repetitive and the variety wasn’t there anymore. What began like a great Skyler Grey album quickly turned into rejected P!nk songs. Glow in the Dark and Shit, Man reek of terrible writing, lack of variety and they sound like songs P!nk rejected for her albums ten years ago.




It’s not just those two songs, though. The back half of the album fails to encapsulate energy of the front half. I wanted to like this album mainly because of Grey’s writing history and her voice. But I was sadly disappointed. Maybe Google Play was right to price the album at $6.99. If you truly want the album, wait for the price to come down if you find it too expensive. Other than that, just skip on this one.


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