YG Album Review: My Krazy Life

Rapper YG

YG’s My Krazy Life sounds inspired. It has the elements of Kendrick Lamar’s good kid, m.A.A.d. city and The Game’s The Documentary with the effort of Eminem’s Relapse. That’s not necessarily a terrible accomplishment but it’s by no means a wonderful accolade. My Krazy Life sounds different in the world of the melting pot we call hip-hop. There is no definitive style found in most mainstream rap songs as there was ten or fifteen years ago and when do get an album that sounds like where the artist is from it comes so few and far between. Though many of songs on the album are “ok” the entire album manages to maintain a vibe of 1990s west coast music heard in The Chronic and, more relatively recent, The Documentary.

My Krazy Life is the first album studio album from YG and it’s quite enjoyable. When the album started playing, I knew I was in for something that I would ultimately enjoy. The opening skit, entitled Momma Speech Intro, sets the stage for a story about Keenon Jackson, aka YG. His mother yells out for him not to hang out with gang members and how he may be following in his father’s footsteps. Yes, it’s cliché but nonetheless, it’s always entertaining to enter a world foreign to us and how it could be handled.

The majority of the album are songs that deal with gang life and all the false positives and very real negatives that come along with it. It’s the polar opposite of good kid, m.A.A.d. city; where Kendrick Lamar is trying to escape reality and show the world the negatives of dipping your toe in a gang lifestyle, My Krazy Life glorifies its lifestyle. What you get out of that are flat, repetitive lyrics and empty calories for your ears. Throw in that the tracks all sound exactly the same; it’s like your opening up a bag of Lays and chowing down. DJ Mustard produces almost every song on the album, which is the cause of the repetitiveness.

That’s where I’m torn; the album, in all its cliché, unoriginal glory I was bopping my head. I enjoyed about 60% of the songs including BPT, 1 AM, My N*gga, and Who Do You Love. The stand out tracks on the album are Thank God and Sorry Momma, reminiscent to Dear Mama by 2Pac.

If you want something to listen to, to pass the time, My Krazy Life by YG isn’t such a bad choice. It’s not a great album by any means but it’s also not terrible; it lies on this medium where the rest of the mainstream albums lay on. YG has created something we’ve all heard before and yet made it entertaining. My Krazy Life sounds like it came from California and not an adaptation of multiple styles – that’s a plus. It tries to be good kid, m.A.A.d. city but fails to do something compelling. All in all, the songs are great to listen to on a car trip, whether short or long.

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