Winter Essentials for Babies and Toddlers

Babies and Toddlers

The winter season is different for everyone, depending on where they live. For instance, a 75-degree winter day in California will not require the same baby clothes as a 45-degree day in Seattle. If you live in a colder region and are a new parent, you will definitely need some tips to figure out all the winter essentials you need for your baby this season.

So let’s get started!

7 Winter Newborn Items You Need This Winter Season

1. Socks and Booties

Goes without saying, you need socks and lots of them to keep your little one’s toes warm and cozy during the wintry evenings. It’s totally fine if they don’t match, but be sure to have a large number of socks because you tend to lose them every 10 minutes!

You don’t need as many baby booties as you need socks, but you cannot skip them either. Your baby wouldn’t complain if two booties are not matching, but he or she will definitely feel cozy and comfortable with the extra warmth.

Don’t go crazy buying every baby merchandise you spot for winter because it will be a waste of money.  However, investing in soft, warm booties and a large number of socks is worth every penny.

2. Good quality diapers

As the temperature drops, babies tend to urinate more. This means you will need more diapers handy for an entire season. It is not advisable to use cloth diapers because they can result in your baby catching a cold. Natural hypoallergenic diapers are best for your baby around the year, including winters.

They are softer compared to other diapers and guarantee a higher absorbency. It’s best you have a good stock of natural diapers ready because, in winters, you might be using twice the number of diapers daily, compared to what you were using during summers.

3. Coconut Oil

Coconut oil can be used in 2,000 different ways, including on your baby’s delicate skin to keep it moist and supple. The winter season is harsh on everyone’s skin. If you want to go natural with your baby, you can use coconut oil instead of a baby lotion for your baby. Non natural products contain artificial fragrance and other toxic items which are harmful to your baby.

If your baby’s skin gets chapped, you can also grab some organic healing salve.

4. Long Sleeve, Kimono-Style Shirts

Such easy-to-wear items are perfect for umbilical cord stumps because they don’t require any over-the-head entry to make your baby uncomfortable. Since they easily cross over the chest and snap on the side, you can layer them over a fitted onesie too for extra warmth.

5. Hats

Don’t you agree your baby’s hats go missing just like socks! It is very important to keep a spare in your diaper bag, along with a pack of natural baby wipes. Hats are important merchandise for your baby that you can’t strike off your shopping list. Don’t overthink about the cuteness aspect here because you want something that’s warm and easy to keep on your little one’s head.

6. A Humidifier

In some parts of the country, winters are dry and extreme. The season can dry the entire house out causing coughs, sore throats, and winter blues, which is especially harmful to a newborn. To avoid such a situation, place a humidifier near your baby wherever you put him or her to sleep.

7. Probiotics and Vitamin D3

After having a good talk with your pediatrician, get probiotics for your baby during winter. Probiotics help to support healthy bacteria in the gut. And since it is the sick-season, you want to use everything you can to protect your baby from bad health.

Along with probiotics you also need Vitamin D3 to ensure proper physical development for your baby. In winters, babies cannot be out in the sun like spring and summer seasons.  So it is important to supplement their diet with vitamin D3 for better health.

If you are a breastfeeding mom, you can supplement yourself as well as your baby with a prescribed Vitamin D3 supplement.


When you think about preparing for winter for your baby, your thoughts are often restricted to sweaters and blankets, but now you know better! These winter essentials for your baby will keep him or her warm, happy, and protected for the entire season!

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