Why You Must Have Custom Door Mats For Your Business

Why You Must Have Custom Door Mats For Your Business

In your business world, first impressions are very important for you. A custom mat placed at the entrance of your business premises or in the waiting area can help you to create the impression you want to leave. You can get it as per the flavor of your business.

Here are a few reasons why you should have personalized welcome matsfor your business:

Market your business brand

Apart from the support in marketing your business logo and brand, custom door mats enable you to highlight a particular product, brand, or service for which you want to have maximum exposure. For instance, suppose that you are the exclusive provider of a particular product or service. You can get personalized mats featuring that specific product/service. Contact a mat manufacturer and produce all the relevant information to get custom mats for your company.

Expose your brand

Your business brand is before each person who comes through your doors when you place custom door mats in the entryways of a commercial complex. A few studies have found that approximately 64% of buyers stop to see what are on the floor mats that are beneath their feet. It means you get maximum exposure for your brand if you place these mats in the entry ways.

Help you to deliver your message

Sometimes you require a mat that carries only your business logo and name. By getting and placing custom door mats, you can show your associates how professional your business is. With a professional customized door mat, you can place the personality of your company into the space without creating a grand statement. A personalized rug is a bit more subtle and very classy. It helps you deliver your business message to each person who comes across it.

Increase your sales

The exposure a custom rug gives to your business does more than getting recognition. It can lead you to have exciting outcomes for your company sales at minimum advertising and marketing efforts. On an average, your custom logo floor mats can cost you one-tenth of a cent as per impression. A study has discovered that the use of personalized floor mats could increase retail sales up to 13%.

Enhance safety

Placing a custom door mat is important. Safety is not a primary reason to choose and buy rugs for entrances, but it gets increased after the placement of a door mat. A custom-made rug is non-slippery, and so it reduces the chances of having injuries to an employee or client in your business premise.

The implications of risk reduction and savings are big. Each year, fall and slip accidents send approximately 1 million people to hospitals and cause 85% compensation for a business. Reduce the risk of fall/slip injuries in your business premises with personalized welcome mats, made by a reputed doormat manufacturer.

Come with your exact need for shape and size

Sometimes you need a mat of an odd shape due to the space you have for it. At that time, selecting and buying standard welcome rugs is worthless for you. For a better usage, you will have to trim and cut the standard rugs to make the same fit to your spaces. Cutting and trimming can cost you a lot in terms of effort, time and money.

On the other hand, custom rugs are prepared as per your exact needs, in terms of shapes and sizes. While placing your order for personalized rugs, you send your desired specifications (shape, size, thickness, material, and design), apart from your business name and logo.

Help you have cleaner floor

Placing a custom rug in your business waiting or working area helps you keep your floor clean and leave positive impressions on everyone who enters your business premise. Having personalized rugs for each entryway assists you keep your floor and carpets away from debris, dirt, and water.

Apart from keeping the floors of your premise, placing personalized mats helps you have financial savings. On an average, removing one pound of dirt and dust from a commercial or retail building costs you around $750.

Cost cheaper than renting

Some of you think renting simple floor mats are an inexpensive alternative to shop your own. In fact, purchasing custom welcome mats is cheaper in comparison with renting the generic rugs for your business.


Custom door mats are an excellent tool to expose your business brand. They help you market your business, deliver your message to your clients, increase your sales, enhance safety and keep your floor clean and safe.

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