Why is It Important to Have Variations of the Brand Theme?

Why is It Important to Have Variations of the Brand Theme?

The theme of your brand is your company’s most important asset. Themes are used to define the character and personality of a business. They provide an identity for customers and create an emotional connection that helps build long-term relationships with them. Your theme can be subtle or bold, but it should always be consistent across all communication channels and brand collateral (digital and analogue). This practice will be handy when you need quick business card printing for some event.

Adds Consistency

Consistency is essential for branding. It makes it easier for people to find you online, which helps with sales because they know what to expect when they visit your website or social media page. Your look and feel should be the same across all platforms so that customers can easily associate those experiences with each other. For example, if a customer has just seen your platforms, like the Instagram Feed but hasn’t been on Facebook before, then having similar branding on both sites will make it easier for them to learn about what else is out there from you.

Creates Differentiation

Using variations in your brand theme helps you stand out from the competition. It also makes it straightforward for customers to recognize your brand, which can be especially beneficial if they’re looking for an item only available at one location or another. The most successful businesses can differentiate themselves with their products or services, and using different types of paper or cardstock can help you create a memorable experience. Use other printing techniques such as embossing, foiling, thermography and letter-pressing to create something unique that will help people remember you when they need something special.

Strengthens the Brand

A brand is a promise. It’s what you want people to believe about you and your company. Brands are built over time, not overnight, and they need to be consistently reinforced to create value and impact on customers and prospects. Using different types of content that support the specific elements that make up your brand identity, you can strengthen it over time by repeatedly reinforcing those same messages in multiple ways.

Adds Flexibility

As you know, business card printing is a vital part of your company’s marketing strategy. Your brand theme will be your go-to design on everything from posters to brochures to social media posts. You must have variations ready when it comes time for quick business card printing because they are an essential part of your company’s image.

All materials should match in a style extremely closely, so everything looks cohesive if all those materials were created by just one designer who doesn’t work with you anymore or went out on leave.

A Brand Book is a Must

Variations of your brand theme can be a great way to save time when printing business cards. For example, if you have multiple colours in your palette and want them all on the same card, it is easy to use one colour as the background and design elements with another colour. This is easier than using the same colour everywhere, which would make it harder for people to read what they need to know about you.

Having these variations at hand also makes it easier for designers who work with brands that change their themes often, like fashion brands, to keep up with current trends. They’ll know exactly what colours go together so that they don’t have to spend time researching every time something changes.


A brand theme is an integral part of creating a solid brand identity. It helps define who you are and what makes your brand unique. But that doesn’t mean it should be the only thing that sets you apart from other companies in your industry. Variations in the theme give people more reasons to remember you when they see your business cards or other marketing materials.

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