Why Big Data Analytics is the Best Career Choice

Why Big Data Analytics is the Best Career Choice

If you have got a bent for statistics and fascinated towards pursuing a career in software engineering, then the lucrative opportunity in big data is beckoning you. Today, businesses are insanely investing in big data analytics for boosting their return on investments. Likewise, a large number of organizations are looking for skilled data analytic individuals. Thus, there is an ocean of opportunities in the said segment.

If still not convinced, then explore the reasons below.

  1. Data Analytic Professionals are in high demand

With a consistent increase in demand for big data analytics, IT professionals are gearing up to invest in more efforts to learn data analytics concepts and skills. As a lot of organizations irrespective of their sizes are stepping ahead to embrace big data analytics, the demand for professionals infield is also witnessing a sharp increase. Furthermore, this rise in demand for tech pros is only expected to increase. There are tremendous job opportunities which are unlikely to see any downward trend.

  1. Data Analytics has become a Priority for Organizations: 

As per researches, it is has been found that big data analytics has become a top priority in many organizations. Companies are finding data analytics to be crucial in improving their business performance. According to a survey by Deloitte, Technology in the Mid-Market; Perspectives and Priorities, 65.2% of respondents are leveraging the benefits of big data analytics for addressing their business needs.

  1. 3Prevailing Skill Gap

Despite the continuously growing demand for data analytics, there is a huge shortage of skilled individuals. The supply side is deficient. Well, this is not restricted to any geographical location but is an issue worldwide. Although big data analytics is a hot category, there are still plenty of positions left unfilled across the world. Considering the acute shortage, organizations are outsourcing their work to other nations like India. However, to address this shortage, data analytics online courses can play an imperative role in equipping individuals with the right skill set as needed by the organizations.  

  1. High Salary:

Considering the high demand for data, analytic professionals’ organizations are now willing to pay high sums for hiring the right candidate. This is a positive rise in salary packages for individuals in this field. This trend is prevalent worldwide. According to Randstad, the annual wage hike for big data analytics professionals in India is more than 50 percent as compared to other IT professionals.

  1. Big Data Analytics has application everywhere: 

Big data encompasses a range of benefits and considering its attractive features, there is a huge demand for it. Irrespective of domain and industry it has application everywhere. When it comes to stipulating digits for its usability, then the list goes on endless. Analytics is being used in almost across all segments, be it healthcare, energy, consumer, technology or manufacturing.

Thus, there is no shortage of jobs in data analytics. With the right skill and knowledge, one can easily secure a high paying career opportunity in this segment.

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