What are the things to be asked from a landlord While Renting A PG in Chennai

Renting A PG in Chennai

Chennai is home to many educational institutions and MNCs and a large number of people migrate here every year. So, each one of them has to find a place to stay and for that matter, a PG in Chennai makes up for a great choice because they’re economical.

Settling on an intelligent accommodation can spare you heaps of headaches in the future, as there are many things that can bother you if not discussed in the first place. Regardless of whether you are a student or a working professional, you need a place to remain that satisfies every one of your needs and can be a home away from home. To choose a convenient PG that suits your necessities, pose these queries to your landowner in advance.

Check for a Proper Rent Agreement

Having a rent agreement can spare you from any difficulty that may emerge in the future. Consequently, enquire as to whether the landlord will give you a proper rent agreement. In case they decline, you must realize that something is questionable. Some PGs are unauthorized and thus they will not agree to a legal document. However, if there is a rent agreement, check if all discussed charges and amenities are accounted for. Also, check for the terms and conditions for security deposit payment and release once the contract is over. Also, to avoid such issues in Chennai it is advised to opt for luxury accommodations by Stanza Living that operate with transparent and full disclosure legal agreements.

Are There Any Curfew Timings or Any Visitor Limitations?

A few property holders are exceptionally bothersome and screen each and every movement of occupants. They are especially particular about the in and out timings. Enquire and be clear on any rules and regulations, check whether you are comfortable with them and accordingly make a decision about your stay.

Get Clarity Over the Amenities Provided

You ought to be clear about the amenities your PG or hostel in Chennai is offering to you. You may get dazzled by the services referenced in their ads, just to discover later that they aren’t genuine. Get clarity on this point before you consent to the lease agreement. For the most part, things like a geyser, laundry services, singular beds, closets, TV, fridge, RO water, power backup, housekeeping, high-speed wifi, etc are a must to have good accommodation in Chennai. Confirm in advance which of these services you will get and settle on your choice dependent on that. Stanza Living has got some amazing properties in Chennai which are well-outfitted with all the daily living necessities from furniture to amenities and services.

Do you Need to Take Care of the Utility Charges Independently?

Rent structure given by your PG owner can be tricky at times. Consequently, it is important to ask your proprietor whether the electricity bill, utility charges, or any maintenance fee need to be paid by you additionally. This will allow you to be updated on what the monthly expenses will actually come to and thus make a wise decision about where you want to stay.

Are There Any Maintenance Tasks Pending?

In case if they are pending, at that point ask when these will be finished. Ask your proprietor, if he has guaranteed you a few fixes in the room or new paintwork at that point don’t consent to the lease agreement till all the guaranteed things are finished, as once you move in those fixes may just never get fixed.

These are some of the things which you need to clarify with your landlord before you move into your PG in Chennai.

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