Top plus Size Swimwear Trends In Australia

Top plus Size Swimwear Trends In Australia

If you deny yourself the confidence that comes from rocking yourself, you are accused of dimming your sparkle. A curvaceous body is meant to be flaunted with confidence and style, and this season, there is much to rejoice. Swimwear season is upon us ladies, and it is time to turn to the trend radar and scoop up the hottest styles.

This season, plus size swimwear trends have undergone a bold transformation. Curvy goddesses no longer have to limit their swimwear arsenal to tummy-tucking shorts and modest tops. The trend radar is ripe with a plethora of gorgeous, curve-flattering trends that you can flaunt with ease and confidence.

We have put together an exciting roundup of the hottest swimwear trends to rock in Australia. Each trend is audaciously sexy and yet, not the least bit intimidating.


1. Bandeau Alert!

Plus size beauties have always shied away from the skimpy sensuality of bandeau style bikini tops and swimsuits. Not this year!

Bandeau style swimwear has undergone a strikingly refreshing transformation. They come in a wide range of sizes that flatter larger busts and offer superior support. The comfortable padding and adequate support allow greater comfort. They are an excellent investment that can be flaunted with countless outfits all summer long. You can flaunt these with high-waist shorts or bikini bottoms for a curve-flattering statement.

The best part is, these bandeau style accents can also be flaunted in one-pieces and tanking tops.

2. Tummy Shapers

Tummy contouring swimwear is always a great investment to give your curves a shapely appearance. If you are self-conscious about tucking your tummy in, while you plunge into the ocean, this is a great choice. These bikini tops and one-piece swimsuits slim down the waist and shape up the tummy, giving it a sleeker look.

The Plus Size Swimwear Australia offers a wide array of styles and designs for swimsuits and bikinis that you can try this year. We strongly recommend you to invest in high-waist bikinis and swimsuits.

Mesh-lined designs are another ravishing investment. Three-tiered swimsuits are also a great choice to slim down the waist and shape up your curves. These are always a comfortable investment for apple-shaped figures.

3. Sultry Cutouts

Many plus-sized goddesses shy away from flaunting sexy cutouts and bold accents. As long as you are focusing on shaping up your curves, there is no harm in rocking bold swimwear trends. We strongly urge to invest in bold cutouts that slash across the midriff.

If cutouts seem too overwhelming, you can always begin with sensual mesh-lined swimsuits to elevate your beachwear style game. Velvet cutout swimsuits offer greater coverage and support, alongside a sensual, curve-emphasizing glam.

2020 trends are all about flaunting your skin and being comfortable with your curves. Velvet and mesh-line designs are great picks to get a gorgeous tan on an Australian beach.

4. Bring in the Long Sleeves

Long-sleeved swimsuits have been trending hot on the fashion radar since last summer in Australia. Come to think of it; they are a super-functional investment. Aside from flattering busty goddesses that need greater support, they offer superior sun protection. If your skin is particularly vulnerable under the sun, long-sleeved swimsuits are a great investment.

These fashionable swimsuits and bikini tops come in a wide array of color palettes and designs. You can pick out long-sleeved swimsuits with sultry cutouts, or bold statement shoulders.

5. High Waist

Whether you prefer bright high-waist bikini bottoms or sexy pin-up style swimsuits, high-waist is a timeless swimwear trend for Australian beaches. It has always been the most functional trend for plus-sized beauties. It offers greater support and is comfortable. It also comes up with a unique gracefulness. If you want a modest yet alluring appearance that slims down the tummy and pronounces your curves, this is it, ladies.

There is a plethora of styles and designs to explore this trend. You can scoop up bright and vivid colors, pin-up style polka dots, or even sultry halter necklines. You can look flaunting on an Australian beach wearing these high waits.

6. Statement Shoulders

Here is the most exciting trend on the 2020 swimwear radar: statement shoulders. Ladies, if you have not invested in off-the-shoulder bikinis and one-should swimsuits, you are missing out. These delights will elevate your beachwear game with a jet-setter glamour, and give your curves a refined appeal.

We strongly recommend you to invest in dramatic off-the-shoulder swimsuits, ruffles, and one-shoulder slashes. They are an excellent investment to pronounce your beauty bones and shoulders and emphasize your curves with greater support.

You can pick out delicately ruffled off-the-shoulder swimsuits that offer superior coverage, or go bold with sexy cutouts at an Australian beach. Vintage-style lace-ups and corset-like swimsuits with statement shoulders will ravish your curves with a distinctive appeal.


As the roundup comes to an end, we cannot help but marvel at the variety to shop in plus-size swimwear that you can wear to an Australian beach. 2020 is indeed a remarkable year to celebrate our curves and rejoice the trends that we find appealing. So ladies, do not hold back this season and allow yourself the confidence to flaunt the statements you find appealing. After all, fashion is just a medium to channel creativity and express how we see ourselves.


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