Top-Notch Technology That Is Common In the Commercial Building

Security systems for commercial businesses

As a business owner, you are constantly faced with challenging tasks. From overseeing your employees to managing the finances, so you must ensure that you make the right decisions that can promote the growth of the business. You must also ensure that your business facility is safe and secure. This is where commercial security comes in.

Even though your business isn’t completely safe from risks of intrusion, theft, fire, or vandalism, an effective commercial security system can help protect your business from potential hazards. Commercial security is a top-notch technology that is very common in commercial buildings. This is why it is essential that we give you comprehensive information about this high-tech aspect of any commercial building.

In this article, we are going to discuss what commercial security is, why you should invest in commercial security and some of the types of effective commercial security. Keep on reading to explore them.

What is commercial security?

The term commercial security can be defined as the approach and structures used by commercial buildings or businesses to shield themselves from risks, such as fire, intrusion, or vandalism. Some of the popular methods of security include security guards, high-tech locks, computer security software, burglar-proof frames for windows and doors, alarm systems, and video surveillance.

Why is commercial security important?

Of course, your business is one of the most significant investments in your life, that’s why you need to shield it from any potential hazards. And commercial security can help you achieve that. If you are still not convinced about investing in a commercial security system, then here are some reasons that should prompt you to do so.

  1. It deters burglars from accessing the premises

Research shows that security cameras can deter crime. Thieves usually target buildings where they can still be seen without being seen or noticed by anyone. And for this reason, their targets are usually businesses without a security system because they know they can easily get away with the crime. But having an effective security system such as an advanced alarm system or surveillance camera can deter the thieves even before they attempt to break into the business facility.

  1. Improve employee productivity

Of course, as an employer, you know you cannot keep your eyes on your employees all the time. So you can never be sure that they are working as they should. This may lower their productivity because there is no one to keep an eye on them. This will eventually lead to a loss of money because a number of the employees will be sleeping on their jobs while others are handling their jobs. But a security camera system can help increase the employees’ performance because the employees will do their duties diligently, knowing that there is someone watching their moves. Moreover, with a surveillance camera system, employers can see how the employees are navigating their workflow and offer tangible recommendations where necessary that can help them improve their performance.

  1. Save on insurance

Insurance firms are very strategic, especially when determining the amount of money they will charge a business in the form of premiums. Businesses that lack commercial security systems tend to be charged a higher premium because they are considered a high-risk business. On the other hand, businesses that have installed the necessary business security systems will be charged lower insurance premiums since they will be classified as a low-risk business. Of course, this will help you save on insurance.

  1. Keep employees safe

Your employees are essential assets in your business. As a business owner, you should ensure that your employees are safe at all times. And the best way you can achieve this is by installing an effective security system. For instance, by installing a fire protection system, your employees will feel at peace because they know they are protected from fire hazards.

  1. Reduce liability

The threat of a workplace harassment claim or a lawsuit is a major concern for many organizations. Installing a surveillance camera system gives you an added layer of protection in case anything goes wrong in your company. The camera footage from the surveillance camera can act as evidence in case an employee or customer brings a complaint. In addition to that, it discourages poor behavior from employees or customers.

Types of commercial security systems

Although there is a wide range of options when it comes to commercial security systems, you should be careful when picking a commercial security system that suits your business. Security systems for commercial businesses range in level of protection as well as capability, so it is crucial that you review some of the different types of commercial security systems before you actually pick one. Here are some of the common types of commercial security systems:

  1. Burglar and theft systems

This commercial security system helps to detect an authorized entry into your building using various tools. Generally, burglar and theft systems come equipped with sensors that get a hold of breaches to the facility and an intrusion alarm that produces an upsetting noise to intimidate thieves.

  1. Access Control systems

These access control security systems can help business owners to manage people who come in and out of their buildings. For enhanced safety, you can implement a card and a badge program for your employees so that you can allocate different levels of access to them. That way, only the people you give access to can access certain locations in your business premise. So basically, the system can permit or deny individuals from accessing certain areas in your building.

Additionally, the access control system also retains logs, which can enable you to know who entered which areas of your building from days or weeks ago. The interface of these systems also allows you to immediately lock down your entire establishment in case of an emergency, making it easier to block customers and other outsiders from entering the premise in case of an internal crisis.

  1. Video surveillance systems

The video surveillance system is essential in supervising those who enter your building and your staff, too. These systems make use of cameras and a digital video recorder to observe certain areas in and around your business premises. Video surveillance systems include bullet cameras, drone cameras, television systems, and hidden cameras.

  1. Environmental and fire alarm systems

A majority of business owners think that the hazards of commercial businesses are intrusion and theft. But this isn’t the case. There are other several environmental incidents that threaten commercial buildings, regardless of whether intentional or unintentional. Environmental factors that may threaten your business include fire, floods, heat, etc. All these factors can lead to significant losses for your company, that’s why you need fire alarm systems and environmental monitoring to protect your business.

Fire alarm systems and a top tech thermostat can be at the top of your commercial business commitment to safety. These devices have annunciators that can produce a warning to your employees who are inside the facility and send a notification to the fire department. Additionally, they have sprinklers that can help to minimize the flames and a system reset and signal to silence in the event of a false alarm.

On the other hand, the environmental monitoring systems have detectors for gas, smoke, and water, and they account for more expected vulnerabilities. When the aforementioned elements pose any kind of danger to your commercial building, the sensors of the environment monitoring system automatically notifies the monitoring operators so they can instantly contact the relevant authorities.


One of the keys to running your business efficiently is by installing a commercial security system. That way, you will worry less about intruders or burglars accessing your building and stealing from your business. So the best investment you can do for your business is to invest in an effective commercial security system. Just remember to pick the right system that suits your business needs.

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