Tips for Styling your Silver Bracelets

Silver bracelets are highly versatile and come in various shapes and designs. It becomes hard to select one from so many choices. If you are someone who loves to follow celebrity fashion looks, then you must be aware of the silver rage among celebrities. The best thing about silver bangle bracelets is that they go with both traditional and western attire.

No matter what style you pick, there are some sure-fire ways to style your bracelets.

Jewelry to Wear with Your Silver Bracelets

Bracelets pair well with all kinds of jewelry. Whether you choose to wear it as statement jewelry or mix it with others, it will depend upon the occasion you are dressing up for. For a cocktail party, you must pick a silver bracelet as statement jewelry. Especially, if you’re wearing a long gown.

Colors to wear with Silver

You can make the silver shine by picking the right outfit to wear!

When it comes to bracelets, three-quarter sleeves or shorter look fantastic. The shine of silver comes out nicely when you pair them with bright color outfits. Wear silver with your LBD (little black dress) to add some sparkle to it. Whenever styling silver, keep an editorial eye to ensure that you don’t overdo it.

Add accessories

You have a plethora of choices when it comes to picking accessories. Avoid wearing gold or golden color accessories with silver. It creates a mismatch. Hats and scarves can complement the attire. If your bracelets have charms on it, be careful, as they can snag your knit or silk items.

Stack them up

Unlike other silver jewelry items, you can stack your silver bangles. Ensure that you pick thin pieces of name bracelets for a cleaner look. You can also mix and match bangles with bracelets. If you want to wear a single bracelet then pick a bigger size. If you’ve some silver bangles that are too big for your wrist, you wear them as armlets.

Bracelets styling tips for men

Men too love silver bracelets and bands. They can pair sterling silver bangle with a watch or leather accessories. Bracelets for men are more sophisticated and professional. Hence, they should be worn with a daily suit or business attire. You can wear them to dinner parties as well to add an accent to your personality.

While wearing long sleeves, bracelets should be worn under the sleeves, just like you wear a watch. You should wear them on one wrist.

Should you mismatch metals?

Traditionally, jewelry was worn in one color – either gold or silver. But today mixing metals is a trend.

The best way to wear both metals is to pick a piece that incorporates both.

You can also pair your silver bracelet with all-silver earrings, necklaces, and rings. Bracelets are safer when it comes to styling. Their versatility allows you to take risks and try out new styles.

Where to buy sterling silver bracelets?

You can buy them from any online store or merchandise. It is better if you buy them directly from a silver jewelry manufacturer like 925 Silver. Ensure that the silver has marks like ‘925’, ’92.5’, ‘.925’, or ‘SS’ embarked on it. It shows the purity of the silver in the jewelry.

We shared some of our favorite ways to style bracelets. We are sure you can come with many more creative and unique ways of your own. Get started and let your creative side kick-in.

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