Tips for Installing Wood Fence Panels

Tips for Installing Wood Fence Panels

When you are thinking of using the lumber which is either pre-built one the 8-foot panels one or individual boards, you just have to leave a few inches of the space in the bottom so that you can stop the wood from rotting which might be due to the contact with the ground. Space could be filled with specially treated lumber or bricks or concrete. You can also leave it open so that you can allow air to pass through.

Here is a way you can work around with installing the wood fence panels around your place and if you want, you can try the professional’s way- like how the professionals do it. There are different tricks to work out and do and thus, you can prevent yourself from hurting yourself.

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So when you use lumber, there are different tricks to use. You can use an angle, rather than straight, cuts on your cap boards, to strengthen the joints and help the lumber to resist the warping as it is aging. You can either plant to repaint or reseal the wood fences. Every three years, you need to do it so that you can prevent anything such as moisture or sun damage thus extending the life of lumber.

When you are attaching the fence boards, you need to check that panel nails are good, screws are better and then, it is a good idea to make sure you pre-drill the holes to prevent the lumber from just cracking or splitting the attachment.

You might see the tops of posts uneven but do not worry about that because you can just measure than with a string line and then cut them all to the same height once the fencing is complete. You can then add the necessary accessories like top caps, solar lights, plant hangers, garden gnomes or just anything plain to make the yard look a bit unique. However, you can have a good plan about what to do once your fencing is designed and installed. Thus, make your yard look unique by just planning before.

How to add some privacy to an already existing fence?

If you are already a homeowner with a beautiful fence, but you just want a little bit of privacy from your neighbors then here is what you can do. You can use the view- obscuring options that are available on fusion fence company. You can add some vinyl slats or the chain link fencing can be installed. This can be the best view obscuring or the colors that are available so that you can try different unique patterns or designs and if you are an artist, you can beautify with your imagination.

If you are thinking to do something environmentally friendly, then you should consider the solar screen materials. This is an energy-efficient option and at the same time, these materials can be attached with the zip ties or to the wrought iron fence sections where if you add the pre-built lattice sections, you can add some privacy and finish it off with a clean look.

You can try other options like the paintable wood or the vinyl color options. But you need to realize that there is a lot of variety in the colors of the wooden fences that can need repainting. The lattice sections which you are going to add on the top of the wooden fences can add some height too and let the light while partially covering the view a bit.

Things that can be concerned about Fence Installation

Several factors influence the cost of the fence installation. It includes the type of materials used, the size and also if you hire a professional to install it. Nevertheless, you can install a fence on your own but make sure the new fence is structurally sound. This could only mean that the days you spend in the yard measuring or cutting and then measuring again. Fence installation does take time and it is better if you learn a few things.


When you are thinking of hiring a professional team for fence installation, you will find that the typical wait time is around 4-6 weeks. The estimator may come to your home and give you a rough estimate of how much the fencing can cost. Once you decide to go for it, you need to patient. Even after they start the work, you need to wait for a few weeks so that they can draw the yard line of your house. Then, after a week later, the team comes to dig up the post holes and place them in the concrete. Finally, when the whole work is complete you have the post-installation inspection

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