Some Common Questions About Abortion Pills Answered

Some Common Questions About Abortion Pills Answered

Abortion pills used to be misunderstood by many, but now the percentage of people opting for self-manage an early abortion is increasing as compared to the surgical abortion. That is because abortion kits have proven to be beneficial, quick and easy to work with. Statistics show that while the overall number of abortions is decreasing, more people are choosing abortion pills for easy medical abortion as compared to delayed surgical abortion.

Abortion is a topic that is not discussed about a lot. So, many people have misconceptions and some questions that they need answered about this important topic. Below mentioned are the answers to some of the most frequently asked questions about abortion kits and abortion pill usage.

What Is An Abortion Pill?

Abortion pills are basically a type of medication that stops the progression of your pregnancy, and later helps your body in expelling that pregnancy. However, abortion pills usually work in pairs. The first pill initiates the process of ending the pregnancy safely. It basically works by blocking the pregnancy related hormone receptors. Once the pill stops the hormone from working, the pregnancy automatically stops.

But wait, some states have certain laws that require you to take the abortion pill in the presence of a medical professional. So, make sure that you check out your local laws before taking the first pill.

You have to wait for around 1 to 2 days after taking the first pill. After this time, you can take the second pill, which will guide your uterus to expel the pregnancy. Bleeding and a little bit of pain are some of the normal symptoms. When the time comes to expel the pregnancy, you will also start feeling cramps. The abortion pills make sure that you do not bleed too much.

Are They The Same As The Morning After Pills? 

The simple answer to this is, no! abortion pills are used to end a pregnancy usually in its early stages when the ovulation has already occurred. On the other hand, the morning after pills are emergency contraception pills that stops the ovulation from happening in the first place. These contraception pills can do nothing after the ovulation has occurred.

However, the copper IUD is another thing that reacts to the presence of sperms and might also stop the implantation from happening.

Where Can I Get The Abortion Pills? 

Well, starting an abortion will not be your wisest choice in many cases. So, if you want a medical abortion, you should get in contact with an ob-gyn that you know will support your decision.

But what if you do not have a good relationship with any gynecologist? Well, here is when the trustworthy sites come in. you can choose a good site to buy abortion pill kit in the US easily. Online retailers can prove to be useful when you can not find the pills in local clinics. So, buying the abortion kits online is a perfectly safe option that you can use if you want to remain anonymous in the process.

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