Simple Gold Jewellery Designs for Men for all your special moments


Jewellery for ages has been primarily a feminist thing, however it is not wise to discard the mens range altogether. Given a style pick, we can’t help but agree that women have a galore of choices than men. If one wants to shop for Men, they are left with very little choice both in collection and color. One lasting choice that we all have to gift and to make that signature mark is through men’s fine Jewellery. Innovative mensprecious gifts include sturdy gold chain design, macho gold bracelet, and other forms of mensJewellery.

Here are or top 5 picks to choose from

Gold rings

Mens gold rings are the most affordable precious gift you can choose from for your dear one. They are many varieties, weight ranges, designs, and price ranges. Sturdy or plain gold band, stone studded or subtle pattern, mens gold ring price bracket is very compelling in comparison to other mensJewellery.

Gold Bracelets

Another great gifting option for your loved one on those special moments are gold bracelets, they come in a variety of designs- broad, strap type, link pattern, braided, and the very charming Kada style. Gold bracelets come in versatile finishing too, such as the rhodium-plated bracelets, dual-tone bracelets, open lion head models.

Gold chains

Machine-made men’s chains come in Triangle shape, Plain or flat-shaped, Box model, and in link model. They are preferred than handmade chains, machine-made chains sell more in comparison to handmade ones. They are also the most sold item among men’s fine Jewellery. On the other hand handmade gold chains come in Rope model, Unisex chains, off which the Hallow Chains famously called Kerala chains are lightweight and preferred.

Gold accessories

With the advent of so many options for men, what will rightly set you apart is choosing something precious for yourself or your loved ones. Mens accessories are often restricted to mundane items like wallets, belts, etc. But, if you have to rightly choose for yourself or invest then, precious men’s accessories would be wise. While chains and gold rings for men are admired, accessories like pure gold watches, cuff links, gold buttons, silver stationery have gained popularity in recent times.

Gold Lockets

Gold lockets are a universal adornment, they have been there since times unknown. There are several designs in gold lockets big, small, petite – gold designs are a unique adornment. From simple alphabet pendants to religious figurines, from the holy rudraksha to fancy abstract designs, gold lockets are simple and affordable treasures and make up a great gift too.

Buying MensJewellery online

Finding mensJewellery online is now just a few clicks away. You can now browse through several varieties of sturdy, strong, and macho gold mensbracelets, rings, accessories online. If a design caught your eye, you can very well personalize it as per your taste and preference with any reputed retail Jeweller.

So, finding a coveted gift for your dear one is now a simple, easy-peasy job.

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