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Online Plagiarism Checker

Are you worried that your content would be stolen from your website? Well, your concern is very genuine, and we can assure you that your content is at risk from the moment you publish it on the web. Now you will be very shocked to hear that more than 30% of the web content is plagiarized from already published sites. It is yet another fact that those plagiarized content are mostly on the bottom of the rankings but we will like to explain to you the scenario in which your own content can beat you in ranking position!

Yes! This can definitely happen, and if you are thinking otherwise, then you are joking yourself and you need to search more before stepping into the content business. Writing unique content can be very easy for a person but maintaining its sanctity and security is very much difficult and impossible sometimes. You must have heard about online plagiarism checker tools. The plagiarism checker tools are actually the tools which are capable of tracing any copied phrases in newly written content. Now this tool has made the lives of the websites very easy as by using the plagiarism online tools can help them get rid of any traces of copied content and they can also question their writers!

Even if we talk about writers today, you will see that almost every writer these days is using the online plagiarism checker tools, and this is the very reason that the original content once again has started to reach the web users. But this unique content is not always new rather more than 80% of it is rephrased after stealing from an already published website. Today we will tell you about the use of plagiarism and copyright checker and how you can save your content using this tool!

How Can You Secure Your Content?

The main question of today’s article is that how can you protect your content from being copied and how can you really sue someone for copying your content. Now, this was a big concern of many website owners and webmasters, but today the cards have changed and the new online plagiarism checker tools have new features that help users to use the tool as a copyright checker.

Now previous versions of plagiarism checkers were capable of checking your content after you uploaded or posted the content in the search bar. They used to and still do issue a complete plagiarism report which told you about whether your content matches a published content on the web. Now, this helped in telling you whether your content has traces of plagiarism or not. Now, this plagiarism checking technique was used to check your own website content. If you add your own content in the online plagiarism checker tool, then you can also get the complete details of where else it is being used.

Now, this was the self-made technique, but today the online plagiarism checker tools are so capable that they can easily track your content after checking it. Today you can use the tool to track where your content is being used and when it is being copied. When you upload your content for checking of plagiarism, you can simply add alerts to the content by mentioning the website you are going to publish it on. The plagiarism tool will simply alert you if your content is being copied to another website without your permission. Moreover, you will also get the complete help and assistance of the tool when it comes to copyright issues.

If your content is said to be plagiarized by another website the plagiarism tool will give you the complete details of the website and will help you inform the search engine of the unethical act by the culprit website. The plagiarism tool can simply help you save your business because nowadays there are many SEO techniques that a content thief can easily use to rank his website among yours, and you will simply regret your lack of knowledge afterwards. The search engine simply doesn’t care about the time of which the content was published first; rather, it is more concerned about the traffic on the site!

If the content thief has more traffic with your content, then get ready to be suspended.



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