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e-cig starter vape kits

Smoking is a habit that is prevalent among the majority of people who for some reason or the other are not able to quit the habit, despite being aware of its harmful effects. E-cigarettes or vapor cigarettes come as an excellent alternative for the age-old smoking habit. The vapor cigarettes or the e-cigarettes makes use of an electronic atomizer to heat the e-liquid and transform it into vapor. The user inhales the vapor by pressing a button to heat the coil, that is surrounded by cotton saturated with e-juice. The juice, in turn, heats up to form a vapor that the user inhales to get an effect that is similar to smoking a real cigarette. 

Advantages of E-cigarettes over cigarettes:

One of the biggest advantages of e-cigarettes is that there is no ash that is coming out of it. There is no burning involved in the process and the liquid heats up inside a cartridge and there is no nasty cigarette smell all over the clothes or the furniture. Depending on the type of the vapor cigarette that one chooses, one an easily inhale and exhale much as they would do with a cigarette. 

The majority of the e-cig starter vape kits offer the same effect as that of real smoking and it is possible to choose one’s nicotine level. Vapor cigarettes offer the flexibility to pock a nicotine strength that fits one’s smoking habits. Over time the user is able to lower down their level of nicotine in the cartridge or e-juice to as low as zero nicotine. 

Most of all, it is possible to save money compared with cigarettes that are pretty expensive overtime to buy packet after packet. People can save up to 80% money by switching over to vapor cigs.

Different types of vape kits available in the market:

There are a number of e-cigarettes available in the market that suits beginners. The e-cig starter vape kits are available in different forms for beginners and some of them are as follows,

  • Disposable E-cigarettes:

Disposable electronic cigarettes are also known as cig-a likes. These are popular for smokers to start as they come in a box as a ready to use component. The e-cigs resemble a traditional cigarette in size, shape, and texture. The exteriors of the cigarettes are chewable and soft and one will feel that they have got a cigarette in their mouth. They are also lightweight and are easy to carry around as well.

  • Cigarette style vapor cigs:

These are slim vapor pens and ae the next stop for the majority of smokers who are ready to start experimenting with different flavors. These are rechargeable electronic cigarettes and are available in a range of lengths and colors. They are of the same thickness as that of the average cigarette. These vapor smokes can pair with a pre-filled cartridge in more than 160 flavors and the user can also pair them up with blank cartridges to fill with e-liquid over and over again.

  • Vapor E-cigarettes:

These are the most advanced type of electronic cigarettes and render the most customizable features. These are slightly thicker than slim vapor pens and will hold a charge for a little longer. They can also hold more e-liquid in their larger refillable cartomizers. They come in a range of lengths and colors and offer the flexibility to choose a design that fires automatically. These are pretty popular among smokers who like a heavier throat and chest hit.

e-cigs starter kits:

All of these e-cig starter vape kits are available in the market at their best quality and they have all the inherent capacity to satisfy the users. They have been tried and tested by a number of smokers in the past, and does not offer any side effect such as form factor, hand to mouth sensation, throat hit, etc. For all those who have the idea of switching to vaping from smoking, it is important to choose a starter vape kit available abundantly in the market. 

These cigarettes are made of long-lasting batteries and are compatible with more than 150 flavors of cartomizers. Users can refill the empty cartridge of these cigs with more than 150 yummy flavors of e-juice. There is a high selection of flavored e-cig cartridges and e-liquids to choose from to complete one’s vaping arsenal. The components of these starter kits are,

  • Powerful 5-volt Vapor Zeus battery to choose from different mAh categories
  • Smileomizers
  • USB charging cables
  • USB wall adapters
  • 30 ml of e-juice whose flavor is optional
  • Warranty with a money-back guarantee

Final words:

The e-cigarette starter kits are ideal for anybody who wishes to make a switch from the traditional smoking habit. All of the electronic cigarette and vapor cigarette starter kits come with everything that one needs to start the vaping effect. It is possible to change the e-liquid according to one’s taste and preferences.

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