Mistakes To Avoid While Planning To Study Abroad!

Mistakes To Avoid While Planning To Study Abroad!

Which university to choose? Which country is best? Will I get a study visa? or Which course to choose? These are the common questions every aspirant planning to study abroad keeps thinking about.

A common sight is that most students who come across such questions while planning to pursue higher education abroad find themselves restless. What makes it even worse is their impatient attitude and the way they rush things to get there. Eventually, they end up making mistakes that lead to the rejection of their applications and a waste of time and money.

Below are some common mistakes that you can avoid making if you are going to study abroad soon:

  • Blind Belief

You have decided on an abroad country only because someone in your family told you how beautiful it is or you must have read about the picturesque and historical places of the country in your favorite novel or some of your friends are already studying in the country, so they have inspired you to make it the country of your dreams too. Never choose a country blindly for any of the reasons mentioned above. You must have little knowledge of the culture, geography, and history of the country you want to go to.

There are many other reasons that you need to consider when you are selecting a country that is ideal for your medical education. It is important that you find someone you trust to tell you what those reasons are. You can consult overseas education consultants. They will guide you on how and why to choose a particular country like whether MBBS in Ukraine is good for you or Russia or Bangladesh, or other foreign university based on certain criteria which can help you from making the wrong choices.

  • I have all the documents ready

Submission of incomplete documents is one of the main reasons your applications get rejected.

Assuming you have all your documents ready is one of the worst things you can do yourself when planning your education abroad. Always check with your friends or teachers or anyone who has already studied abroad about the correct set of documents you need.

What if you realize at the last minute that you are missing crucial documents? Study abroad consultants advise students on which documents are necessary for each university and country so that they apply well in advance and do not waste time & money on failed applications.

  • I can pay the application fee later

Some students may ignore the application fee when submitting their applications. But, this is a mistake they make. If you do not pay the application fee in advance, your application will be rejected, although you have sent all the documents to the university.

  • I do not need to show proof of my liquid funds

It does not matter if you have sufficient funds to finance your studies or if you are going to study through a scholarship. You should get a letter from the bank stating that you have sufficient liquid funds to cover your tuition and living expenses abroad.

  • I have enough loan amount

If you have applied for a student loan, then it doesn’t mean that you can rely solely on that funding source for your education. You must have additional funds to cover your other expenses.

  • I have my relatives abroad, so my studies are easier

Candidates think as their relatives are living in the country where they planned to study, it should be easy for them to get a study visa or depend on them to migrate. But that’s not the case.

A study visa is your passport for higher medical education abroad and has nothing to do with any family connections you may have in the country. A visa officer will give preference to your ability to remain independent and support yourself during your stay.

  • I’ll get a job, any way

The allure of earning an international degree is attractive and indeed draws many students to explore opportunities that are not available in their home country.

Students can avoid such mistakes while planning to study abroad. You can seek help from the best study abroad consultants and attend counseling from experienced counselors who can help you get admission to pursue MBBS in Russia, Ukraine, the Philippines, or other foreign countries. You will know which documents are very important to get admission, which exams are required, and also consultants will help you during the visa process too. Many foreign universities offer scholarship programs to candidates based on their eligibility criteria. Good luck aspirants…!

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