How To DIY Your Wardrobe

How To DIY Your Wardrobe

Sometimes things happen in our lives that warrant a change. Yes, we normally associate these big changes with monumental events in our lives: going through a break-up, getting a new job, moving city, having a fringe cut but that does not always seem to be the case. No matter what your reason, no matter how big or small you should always feel able to make a change and try something new.

A great way to reinvite yourself can also be the easiest, simply change your look. Yes, a lot of big changes happen on the inside, but at the end of the day the way you look and the clothes we wear will always define us as they are the image we show to the world. You might find you need to grab some supplies for these clothing DIYs so head over to to get anything you might need.

To dye or not to dye

Sometimes you have an outfit or article of clothing you are bored of. Maybe you wore it too many times, maybe it is getting a bit old, maybe you never really were that fond of it – well, dying it could be a great idea. It can be quite scary to grab a box dye and really shake up your wardrobe, so we recommend starting with one piece of clothing and seeing how it goes. Of course, dying anything black is a great, simple approach which is sure to change any bland or bold clothing item into something a little more sophisticated.

Give you clothes a second lease of life by changing its colour. You do not have to do an all-over dye either and actually might want to try tie-dying your clothes for a funky look.

Customising your trainers

As long as we keep seeing different looks online, we are going to want to keep trying out new things. Customising trainers with a fresh coat of paint (special paint for shoes) or a fresh pair of laces can be a great way of getting some life back into an old or bored pair of shoes. Do not think you have to keep them the same either, try jazzing them up with some coloured laces – pastels are always nice for summer.

Do not bin it, crop it!

It can be scary getting out the pair of scissors and bringing it to your room to start cutting up some clothes, but if you find there are clothes you really want to get rid of anyway, this could be a great way of seeing whether they can still have a place in your wardrobe.

Try cutting some T shirts into crop tops, a maxi skirt to a midi or mini skirt, a jumper can become a cropped jumper or jeans could turn into shorts. There is no end to the way you can change an item of clothing with some chalk and a good pair of material scissors. Just remember to leave hemming room if you need to add one!

Make sure you mark exactly where you want to make the cuts clearly in chalk beforehand, so that the line you are cutting is straight and looks professional and clean. It is always better to recycle clothes than to bin them.

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