How I bought My Own Property in Ahmedabad

How I bought My Own Property in Ahmedabad

Ahmedabad, the fifth largest city in the country and the starting point of freedom struggle of our father of the nation, is one of the most beautiful places to live in India. I realized this after moving in to the city, after my husband got a transfer to Ahmedabad before five months. Previously we were living in Delhi for a period of one year and in Hyderabad for about 5 years. We didn’t have much problem finding an accommodation in these two cities, as we had staff quarters to stay in these two places. We were given a comfortable type four quarter as he was a senior engineer there.

But I still had a problem living in these quarters located within the township, that though they were spacious, filled with greenery and were easily accessible, the buildings were way too old. There were little provisions for modernizing them and new alternations were sometimes not possible. When my peers and relatives bragged on their apartment style living with new modular kitchens, bath tubs, highly modernized bath rooms, living area and bed rooms, I could only flaunt on my collection of trees and plantations, that I could make in our garden around our quarter.

Shifting to Ahmedabad

We did enjoy a pollution free life inside the township, but the thought of living in an old house with less provision for any modern amenities, somehow kept haunting me. Luckily before eight months he got a job transfer with promotion to Ahmedabad. He is now a Deputy manager now in the engineering department of the PSU. But, the staff quarter here is a bit small and is occupied completely, so here we have a chance to look for our own private accommodation and rented property in Ahmedabad and the company will take care of our accommodation and cover it under the house rent allowance.

Luckily, I now have a chance to live in a space of my choice, choose a new apartment or a pent house to live in and decorate it with utmost amenities. At last I now have a chance flaunt my creative ideas and decoration styles. But choosing an accommodation here was a little tricky, for I do not know Hindi. I stayed in Delhi for less than a year and didn’t learn the language fluently. My husband has little Hindi speaking skills but he is too busy to look for a quality dwelling for the family. He moved to Ahmedabad before we could shift our family and stayed in the company guest house to work. He cannot have a long gap to join in the new office as per company policy. Now the burden is on me.

Searching for an accommodation in Ahmedabad:

My husband has already joined his duty in Ahmedabad before we could shift the family. I had to arrange for transfer certificates of my children from school and look for a proper accommodation for rent before contacting the packers and movers to shift the general household. I had to consider so many accommodation options that are available in the city that are in close proximity to my husband’s office, so that he will not have problem in commuting. Also, kids should be able to reach their school on time as a famous city like Ahmedabad can get too much crowded with jams on the road with peak hours.

One of my friend suggested me to browse through housing.com portal, that has the best list of some of the happening properties in Ahmedabad. There were accommodations of every single type and properties that could match one’s budget at this portal. They were listed in an organized fashion and were reasonably rated. Some options that were offered to us by housing.com are,

  • Studio apartments in Ahmedabad
  • Resale flats in Ahmedabad
  • Ready to move in flats
  • Duplex houses
  • Penthouses
  • Row houses
  • Houses for sale

We planned to look for a 2 bhk flat in Ahmedabad. I was sure to live in an apartment so that kids will get company to live as a community and the maintenance of apartments will be better compared with independent properties. Also some of the best apartments in Ahmedabad have access to numerous amenities such as kids play area, gyms, clubs, swimming zone etc. I need not run from pillar to post in joining them in badminton and swimming classes at last.

To my surprise, I was able to find quality and affordable 2BHK flats in Ahmedabad easily through housing.com. These apartments were also located in close proximity to my husband’s office and my children’s school area. There are also easy monthly instalment options available for buyers, and the EMI starts as less as 20K per month.

Buying an apartment in Ahmedabad:

Being in a PSU Job, we are entitled to frequent transfers all through the career of my husband. But I prefer not to rent an accommodation but to buy a property in Ahmedabad, owing to the ambience of the city and the facilities it can render us. Recently Ahmedabad has grown to be the center for innovation and entrepreneurial programs, giving a lot of encouragement for startups. The city serves as the home for some of the best multinational companies in the country such as IBM, Oracle, Wipro, TCS etc.

Also there are a number of best schools and colleges in the city and top Business schools such as IIM. I felt my children will have a bright future if they stay in the city forever and so decided to buy an apartment here rather than to rent it.

Housing.com made the entire endeavor as easy as a cake walk for me and made it completely easy for me to browse through the entire property options and choose our best fit one. Simply browse through the website, search for the property, filter the search as per the preferences and look at the recommendations.

This is one of the finest places to rent or buy a property without having to pay any brokerage. And the website has the entire city covered so that one can find a property in any location they wish for.

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