Guide to Buying the Right Bra for Different Outfits

Guide to Buying the Right Bra for Different Outfits

Bras are a must-have wardrobe essential that have a major impact on any outfit they’re paired with. Just like wearing them right can enhance your outfit in flattering ways, wearing them wrong can completely ruin the look you want to go for. Naturally, it is important to choose the right bras from the wide range available in the market. Considering how the bras industry has taken huge steps in coming up with various types to best help women in being their most fashionable selves, it is right that you take full advantage of it.

Many online shopping platforms like Myntra have a wide selection of bras for you to choose from, with great versatility in terms of sizes, colours, types, fabrics, etc. Here’s a short and quick guide to which bra goes with what outfits so that you can be your most fashion-forward self at all times:

  • Sports Bras: Starting with one of the basics, sports bras are traditionally made for those who engage in heavy training or sports. This is because sports bras are made to minimise breast movement and provide maximum support during workout sessions. You can wear these by themselves or under cropped t-shirts, etc., while exercising. Many also wear this type of bra every day with clothing like shirts, t-shirts, and more.
  • Bandeau: A bandeau bra is typically a strapless piece of fabric, similar to a tube top. It has bands on the top and bottom for better hold and support. As these bras have no straps, naturally, you should wear these with strapless clothes. It will go perfectly with off-shoulder dresses, close-fitting clothes or sleeveless tops.
  • Balconette: This type of bra is made to give your breasts a fuller look by giving them maximum support. Balconette bras offer lesser coverage as compared to regular bras, which is what makes them ideal for low, plunging necklines. Full coverage bras can ruin the look of low necklines, but a balconette bra will surely do your dress enough justice.
  • Bralette: Bralettes typically have a saucy, revealing look but are really a great alternative for everyday, comfortable bras. Consider it a fancy everyday bra that you can use for both comfort and style. With its low, stylish neckline, you can wear it by itself or pair or under a sheer top, shirt or blouse.
  • Minimizer: As the name suggests, a minimizer bra is designed to lessen the appearance of your breasts through your clothing by pushing them closer to your body. You can see best style minimizer bras with loose clothing like hoodies, sweatshirts, oversized t-shirts and more.

Along with these types of bras, there are more you should look out for, like push up bras, plunge bras, workout bras, maternity bras, camisoles, t-shirt bras, beginner bras and many more. There is something for everyone; all you have to do is browse through Myntra’s extensive collection of bras and find it. There is no better place to shop for stylish, affordable and high-quality bras, so go ahead and get started!

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