Get Off the Couch with These Pre-Workout Motivation Tips

Pre-Workout Motivation Tips

You know that if you want to feel better and have more energy you need to be active. In case you want to add years to your life, all you have to do is exercise. It is vital to follow your workout plan to achieve your fitness goals.

However, as we all know the reality is different. We create a rock-solid workout plan. This is an easy process. But, to stay committed to it and be consistent is challenging.

Every New Year you make fitness-focused resolution. “I will lose those extra pounds”, “I will prioritize fitness”. However, sometimes, your internal dialogues tell to skip your workout. This way you end up being a couch potato for a while.

When this happens, it is tough to follow through on your work out plan. Therefore, here, are 9 motivational tips and tricks that will help you be consistent, stay motivated, and be on track to meet your fitness goals.

  • Change Your Thinking

Changing your perspective is one of the most important motivation tip. Shift your thinking from couch potato attitude to thinking like a sportsperson. It sounds difficult but it is not as big a leap as you think.

Remember, staying committed to a fitness regimen begins in your head. Try to take inspiration from everyone you meet outside even from people who cannot be physically active. It will make you realize why you are lucky.

  • Find Your Identity

Just having fitness goals does not mean you can achieve it. If you keep asking yourself “how I will get motivated?” then you are already heading towards the wrong direction.

The truth is you need to have a clear goal. Do not just focus on working out but also focus on sentiments.

So, find your identity first. It can be kickboxing, functional training, or hitting the gym. Try to find out what you love to do more and push yourself a little harder. Do not let the temptation to give-up settle in.

  • Make Your Fitness Goals Known

Tell your friends, colleagues, and family about your fitness goals and inspire them to ask you how you are doing with attaining them. If you know that everyone is watching you, it will provide you great motivation to stick to your fitness goals.

  • Set Small Fitness Goals

Every week frame small fitness goals for yourself. Something like 10 box jumps or 10 pushups a day. This way you will feel accomplished every day when you hit a gym or workout session.

Always remember you will not see improvement instantly. One or two workout sessions will not make you in shape. You have to stick to your workout routine with consistency.

  • Follow the 3*10 Rule

Remember, the workout is not only about quantity, but it is more about quality. Generally, people do not stick to their exercise routine because of a lack of time.

Therefore, if you are short on time then you can take a 10-minute walk 3 times a day. You can swap out the evening walk for a few pushups and crunches and you will have a complete body workout.

Have a backup plan ready. Keep your “just in case” bag ready in your car with a change of workout clothes and a pair of shoes. This way, you can always stick to your workout routine.

  • Find a Workout Buddy and Make Your Workout Fun

It is a fact that time flies when you are having fun. This is 100%true when you are working out with your friend. It will provide you great inspiration throughout your workout sessions because you both have a goal to chase.

A workout buddy also helps you in making connections with like-minded people who share common values and pursue similar fitness goals.  You can go for a gym membership and make your workout session more interesting.

By nature, human beings need change, fun, and variety to stay motivated. So, ensure you include activities that you truly enjoy, and look forward to doing such as dancing and Zumba. You can even try a workout DVD to shake up your routine.

  • Be Creative with Your Measurements

There are many ways to measure fitness and they all can quickly paralyze you. Is it my weight, pulse, or body mass index? Is it calories burned or mileage covered? If you want maximum motivation then focus on what matters most to you.

Do you feel and look better than you used to? Are improvements are noticed by others in you? Are your clothes less tight?  By doing this kind of measurement or performance monitoring, you can be creative and feel motivated.

  • Use Social Media

Stop using social media sites such as Facebook and Instagram for selfies and daily check-ins. Instead of it, use it as a way to stay on track with your fitness goals.

As per a study, support, accountability, and healthy competition in online groups can help you stick to an exercise routine.

  • Reward Yourself

A reward is a powerful way to keep you motivated. So, every time you achieve a fitness goal that you have set, reward yourself with incentive and pamper yourself.

You can even treat yourself with a trip or some goods that you wanted to buy. You can even treat yourself with some light calorie foods. It will help you to stick to your fitness regime constantly.

In Closing

Stick to a regular exercise regimen seems tricky especially when you are dog-tired or indolent. However, the above-discussed 9 tips and tricks will help you to get off the couch and stay committed to your fitness goals with consistency.

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