Flowers and Their Importance in Indian Culture

Flowers and Their Importance in Indian Culture

Everyone likes flowers and rightly so, they are mesmerizing to watch and have lavish aromas that can bring blissfulness to anyone around in their presence. Here in India, we use flowers for all kinds of purposes and these mesmerizing things are an important part of our diverse culture. India is a colorful nation and flowers are known for their colorfulness and vibrance so it is natural that flowers and Indian culture go hand in hand. We have many festivals here in India and flowers are the essence of each of them and it is safe to say that the importance of flowers in Indian festival is humongous. Below listed are some of the vital uses of flowers in Indian culture.

Spiritual aspects

We in India worship many Gods and Goddesses and it is beautiful to see how flowers are associated with them and hold a spiritual position in our societies. For instance, the flower lotus is a flower that is associated with many deities Sarawati, Brahma, Lakshmi, and Vishnu. Whenever we see a lotus we immediately think of these deities and a sense of spirituality is awakened within us at that moment. Flowers not only have a relation with deities but are also are peaceful to see anywhere and awaken peace and spirituality in general as well.

Weddings and Flowers

Indian culture is notoriously known all over the world to have sumptuous and lavish weddings that are larger than life. Flowers play an important role in the basic decorations of these big events and all the subtlety and floral fragrances of a wedding are constituted by mesmerizing flowers. Various color schemes for different themes can be used as well. For instance, the Haldi ceremony can be decorated with orange Dahlia flowers to match the theme. People generally use roses as a symbol of love at weddings and often receive red rose bouquet as gifts.

Offering prayers to God

India is a country having diverse religions and diverse ideologies. We worship different deities at different places and occasions, and offering flowers to God while praying acts as a sense of holy devotion in all the religions. Offering flowers while praying is very common in India and is an act towards which people are highly devoted to all religions and ideologies. It is almost impossible in India to offer prayers to deities without offering flowers, and it is important in our culture because it keeps us bonded together in good faith.

Used for Medical purposes

We have a wonderful concept of Ayurveda in India that roughly translates to a system of medicines that is all-natural and can be homemade. In an Ayurvedic nation what better use of flowers than for medicinal purposes. Many of the flowers have essential oils and other vital things that can be easily extracted and can be used for specific purposes. Different varieties of flowers are present in different regions in India. For instance, the flowers that you will find in the Northern region and the Himalayan belt have wonderful medicinal capabilities and are very different from the flowers you will find far down west.

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