Crazy Quotes From the Love and Hip Hop Atlanta Reunion

After watching the Love and Hip Hop Atlanta Reunion, we decided to bring you quotes from the most ignorant reality tv show reunion of all-time.

“I had to put all of my shades on for all of these hatin’ ass bitches. And to all of my fellas….you can have all of this (as she stands up, turns to the side and stroke)” ~ Joseline to cast ~

“You marched with Martin Luther King” ~ K Michelle to Karli Redd ~

“You look worse that Michael Jackson in Thriller” ~ K Michelle to Karli Redd ~

“Shut up bi-polar.” ~ Karli Redd to K Michelle ~

“Have you seen her teeth before she got them fixed?” ~ Karli Redd to K Michelle ~

Where’s your daughter? Let’s talk about that!” ~ K Michelle to Karli Redd ~

Joseline, who is Shenelica Bettencourt?” ~ The FunkMaster Flex to Joseline ~

“Karli, you always seem to rub people the wrong way because you’re always in someone else’s business. What do you have to say about that?” ~ Mona Scott ~

“Are you now or have you ever been signed to Cash Money Records?” ~ Audience Member to Karli Redd ~

“To be honest, it ain’t got nothing to do with me, but I don’t know if I believe K Michelle” ~ Rasheeda ~

“When it got tough, the boss left and we went to sweet valley high” ~ K Michelle to Rasheeda ~

“A husband is something you want but I have. Let’s be clear.” ~ Rasheeda to K Michelle ~

“Does anybody believe this crazy a** b****?” ~ Rasheeda to everyone while being escorted off stage ~

“All woman, all natural” ~ Erika to plastic surgery question ~

“No ma’am, nothing over here” ~ Rasheeda to plastic surgery question ~

“I put them paws on him” ~ Scrappy in response to discussion about fight with Stevie J ~

“You slammed in the bushes or we all feel in the bushes, along with security.” ~ Scrappy ~

“There were no hands put on me.” ~ Stevie J in response to discussion about fight with Scrappy ~

“When you’re a queen, and you have a prince, and the throne has been violated…I just can’t let people come up in the castle and just run it” ~ Mama Dee ~

“You have to maintain some type of dignity and respect…and some type of control.” ~ Mama Dee ~
“I love Mimi. She knows that.” ~ Stevie J ~

“I never thought that I was the marrying type.” ~ Stevie J on why he never married Mimi ~

“I don’t have a problem with Mimi. I love Mimi. I respect Mimi.” ~ Joseline in response to threesome ~
“Stevie, shut up!” ~ Joseline ~

“I’m not embarrassed or ashamed about anything. This is my life.” ~
“Excuse me Mona. I’ve been self-sufficient all my life.” ~ Mimi ~

“So, yes I was a jerk and I admit it.” ~ Stevie J in response to how he handled Joseline’s pregnancy ~

“Do you think that rat face that you make is cute?” ~ Mona on the Reunion Part II Preview~

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