Car Sanitization Service Inhibits Virus Growth For 90 Days

car sanitization

After facing the tremendous challenge of the pandemic, the world is preparing for the comeback as offices, schools around the world are opening.

India is no different where people living in green and orange zones are allowed to work, commute.But does that mean the pandemic challenge is over?

The answer is a big NO.

But, that doesn’t mean that we put a stop at taking precautions.

While social distancing and wearing facemasks are effective in containing the spread of the disease. But what about your car, whose handles might be touched by an infected person.

So, if you do not want to risk bringing the infection home then you ought to hire car sanitization services.

Yes, the car sanitization services are effective in preventing the spread of the virus with special antimicrobial treatment.

How to choose the right car sanitization services?

While there are loads of car sanitization services found on the internet. But one of the most reliable car sanitization services is provided by the germ shield service that renders the viruses present inside and out as ineffective.

Germ Shield – car sanitization services

The germ shield is a car sanitization service that is based in Delhi NCR. The germ shield involves spraying a special antimicrobial treatment that forms a clear and transparent barrier on the surface. The treatment is 99.99% effective in inhibiting the spread of the germs and other microbes.

The germ shield is effective on a wide variety of surfaces like wood, metal, clothes, plastic, etc. The antimicrobial liquid is effective for as long as 90 days which is quite impressive. Unless the surface is put to a high-pressure water washing, cleaning, the germ shield is reliable in combating the spread of the virus.

Germ shield price

The best part of the germ shield is that it is pocket friendly as the car sanitization services price starts from mere Rs. 999 and can go up to Rs. 1799 depending upon the type and size of the car.

For example for a hatchback car, the germ shield service is priced at Rs. 999. For a sedan car, the germ shield protection is priced at Rs. 1399 and for a luxury or an SUV car the price is kept at Rs. 1799. The germ shield gives you excellent germ protection for four-wheelers at a nominal price.

The car sanitization service covers all the high-risk surfaces like door handles, steering wheel, dashboard, seats, gear lever, handbrake, and other areas.

Why choose  germ shield service over other industrial-grade sanitization methods

There are tons of options when it comes to cleaning a surface but only a handful when one talks about car sanitization service.

In comparison to the industrial-grade sanitization method, germ shield fares way above it.

The reason being that the germ shield service is effective for 90 days while the industrial-grade sanitization is effective for a mere 10 days.

Also, the electrostatic sprayer used in the germ shield service is an advantage which is absent in the other car sanitization services.

To conclude, car sanitization services are extremely useful under current circumstances that can be hired just with few taps on the mobile screen.

Also, it is a doorstep service which means one does not have to venture out of their homes.

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