Can You Travel With CBD Oil?

Can You Travel With CBD Oil

First, you need to understand that CBD products are made from hemp, and the best-known CBD products, such as CBD flowers and CBD oil, are still illegal in most of the countries around the world.

Travel with CBD: legal or illegal?

In the UK and Europe, CBD is generally legal, but it’s good to know for sure that this is also the case in the vacation destination country. It would, of course, be boring to learn abroad that you have an illegal product with you. We explain here when the CBD can be included.

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Taking your CBD oil with you on vacation or not?

According to European customs, CBD oils and CBD flowers can be taken on vacation without worry, provided they do not fall under the “Opium Law”. Fortunately, the CBD does not come under the European list of drugs of the opium law.

Consequently, you should not worry within the European borders. Unfortunately, this does not always mean that the rules are the same in other countries. Soit is a good idea to contact the airport where you are going.

Keep in mind that CBD oils and CBD products look like classic marijuana products and custom agents could easily believe these are illegal drugs!

Travelling with CBD oil: legally or illegal?

Below is a list of the most common vacation destinations. If your destination is not on this list, you should avoid bringing your CBD along with you.

As we explained already, you can easily find the website of the airport you are travelling to by searching on search engines. Eg., if you are flying to Los Angeles? Just enter “customs” and “Los Angeles”.

The importance of checking the local regulations

Having trouble figuring out if CBD is legal or illegal in your vacation destination? ALWAYS contact the local customs.

You can also check if CBD can be considered medicine at your destination, and therefore the same rules apply to CBD as for medicines. On the websites, or when contacting airport customs, you will find an overview of all customs and their medication guidelines. This way, you can know if CBD is legal or not!

THC oil when travelling?

No one can carry THC. It is a psychoactive product subject to the international opium law.
Besides, a Schengen declaration or a medical certificate is necessary for these types of products. If you take a product that falls under the Opium Law without such a declaration, this can have legal consequences.

You can also request a Schengen declaration. Each declaration is generally valid for 30 days. But please, also note that the Schengen declaration is not valid in all the countries. You will find online the countries where this declaration is valid. You can request a so-called Schengen statement for your medicines for these states.

In countries where the Schengen Declaration does not apply, a medical certificate must be available.

CBD: how to carry it?

In the handbag or the suitcase? Not sure exactly where to carry your favourite CBD product, in your cabin bag or your suitcase?

It is therefore advisable to contact the departure airport. Almost all airports have websites where a private message can be sent. Just ask the local authorities on how to transport the CBD, and you will be connected to the right person.

It is also essential to leave your CBD product well packed. This way, customs can see what type of product you are taking with you when you travel.

Our conclusions about travelling with CBD oil

There is a grey zone about CBD products, and as CBD looks the same than classic marijuana, it can easily create some troubles with customs officers and police. It is easier and safer not to travel with any CND oil or CBD flowers to make sure you will not experience any problems at the borders.

Also, once landed in the UK, you can order some of the best CBD online on and get your delivery within 24 to 48 hours, avoiding any problem at the border control.

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