Best Room Heater-A Winter Companion


What is precious for you? Your bank-balance, assets, property or your family. Without a blink of an eye, you must be thinking “Family is life” Right? And what is your duty as the head of a family member? Our thought process is exactly the same-to safeguard our family from the dig of hurdles and circumstances. For that, we will become an umbrella for them when it is raining, life-jacket for them if they are drowning, even a joker for them when they are crying. So while opting for technology for your loved ones, you need to become a reason for their healthy life.

What you actually buy for your dear ones might create a problem for them. Isn’t it? For instance, a wrong medicine may affect your child’s immune system or a wrong placed door mate can cause accidents at your place. So, wrap their difficulty and unwrap happiness for them. Confused? By purchasing the best room heater.

Now, head or tail of my puzzle and unlock the name of the innovative gadget. And then you will obtain the answer for which you are flicking through my blog

Mr warm jacket that gushes out warm air?
Kicks -out cold air out of the room?
Turn -out the warmth of sunrise?
Knock-off the magic of coziness at home?

It doesn’t involve your thinking; it calls for your creative thinking! Almost get my words, See such an easy clue, Yes you get it, it is a room heater. You must be wondering the blog is like a roller coaster ride. But you are enjoying that’s why you are scrolling it down.

Now let’s procure why the selection of incorrect gadgets, became a stumbling block.

Delhi is now becoming a hill station, right? Have you seen the latest news, Delhiites are experiencing shivering cold and the city is facing icy winds than Shimla? In such weather conditions, we just stand in need of the best room heater. In the fullness of mind, we might go for the wrong choice of room heaters which shake out the exposure of poisonous gas-carbon monoxide. It creates several health problems.
Normally room heaters are safe and secure, but it is strictly advised by Dr. Suranjit Chaterjee, Senior Consultant ( Indraprastha Apollo Hospitals) to buy quality room heater for your family. In his words, sub-standard stuff which may emit fumes must be prohibited.

Top 5 room heaters in India which we have researched for you are named below

  • Havells OFR 11-Fin PTC 2900-Watt Fan Room Heater
  • Morphy Richards OFR 09 2000 Watt Oil Filled Room Heater
  • Usha HC 812 T 2000-Watt Room Heater
  • Bajaj Blow Hot 2000-Watt Room Heater
  • Orpat ORH-1260 2000-Watt Fan Room Heater

Note my words, unfailingly hold the best brands for your convenience. Now before making your worthy purchase, look below some guidelines


Room heaters consume oxygen present in space to deliver warmth. It is significant to note that go for brands that act as a guard for you. The best solution to avoid humidity is to opt for a fan-room heater.

Thermostat Control

Want to dictate temperature to room heater at your convenience? Go for the best room heater that proffers thermostat control.


Portable devices are what we demand. So, handy & ultralight gadgets are preferable for households. The room heaters that we got today are designed especially for our convenience. Explore the above brands and get the best room heater.

Heating capacity and wattage

Check out the heating capacity of your favorite brand. Greater the heating capacity, greater will be its worth. So, if you are searching for the heater for 200 square feet space, then 2000-W will suffice.


Using a room heater with auto-turn off is like icing on the cake. We all are lazy-buzzy, so this option is like a blessing. Opt for the brands that assist you with the auto-turn off button.

Let’s Conclude with a Magic!

Am I a magician? Thinking! Yes, I am the magician of words. My blog surely connects with your daily life because you love your family and want to secure their life. So make sure you are buying the best room heater. The heater which becomes your solution not your problem. It is advisable to purchase via K2 Appliances-The kingdom of genuine products. And, guess what a 10% special discount is waiting for you.

Have a Chillax shopping via K2 Appliances!

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