Andy Mineo Calls Christian Rap “Corny”

Andy mineoAndy Mineo, a Christian rapper from New York City has come under fire after an interview he did with MTV. Mineo told MTV Rapfix that Christian rap “is corny.” His fans have since called him out and felt as though Mineo scrutinized the sub-genre. Mineo released his debut studio album in 2013 to critical acclaim in his community of faith-based hip-hop.

On Rapfix, Mineo stated, “I hope people listen to the music. Don’t write it off because there is a Christian doing it and it’s been labeled that way.” To be completely honest, he may have said this to encourage more people to join his fanbase but he offended his current fans; that’s how you lose fans.

Mineo did issue a statement on Facebook apologizing for his word choice. “I definitely could have chosen my words more carefully to consider my audience better in this interview.” He continues, “I’m learning. My apologies go out to anyone who may be offended by some of my statements on air.”

Mineo has stated that wishes he could work with “regular” rappers like Kanye West in the future. He expressed that being a Christian rapper shouldn’t limit him from working with artists outside that group and vice versa.

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