5 Savvy Tips to Promote Your Web Seminar

5 Savvy Tips to Promote Your Web Seminar

Organizing a web seminar is a task in its own right, but getting people to come sometimes feels like the more difficult part.

This involves not only registration numbers, which are still achievable, but also how many people who registered actually attend on the day of.

Here are 5 tips to ensure that people not only register, but also show up to your latest webinar.

1. Use video ads

Video is a great, compelling visual medium these days, which immediately grabs and retains the attention of the viewer, and is easy to follow. To make sure people are paying attention to the advertising for your web seminar, why not make a video ad?

It’s important that your video ad is created in a way that looks professional. If you end up creating a visually unappealing or amateur-looking video, the reverse of what you want might occur. PosterMyWall offers high quality ad content in easily customizable templates that you can use while creating your video ad, to help you avoid this pitfall.

So what are you waiting for? Create compelling video ads which contain all the details of your webinar, including a Call to Action for people to ‘Register Now’.

2. Design conference flyers

Another way to advertise your webinar in a way that puts all your information upfront is to design a flyer for your conference.

You can do a number of things with these, including printing them out, posting them across your social media platforms, or sending them in emails.

Most people get daunted by the idea of designing a flyer, but you can use services like PosterMyWall to design conference flyers through their easily customizable and attractive flyer templates.

Make sure to put down all the important details front and center in your flyer, but don’t make the rookie mistake of having too much text on it. Nothing ensures scrolling past more than a crowded flyer.

3. Make a countdown timer

You might recall how in childhood our parents used to make us do things by counting down, and it worked, even though there was nothing substantial at the end of the countdown. Crazy, right? Well, what’s crazier is that it works for marketing too!

You can add a countdown option to all your promotional content for the web seminar. Social media platforms like Instagram have easy readymade sticker options for countdowns in stories as well.

Since this is a dynamic element, it will let interested parties know how long they have to register or how long until the event. This will give them a concrete sense of when they should take action.

Another complementary measure you can take alongside countdowns is to give the option for people to add your webinar event to their calendars. This will let them schedule ahead of time, and will save you the hassle of having to send individual reminders, since their calendar app will do it for them.

4. Try targeted email marketing

Email marketing involves creating a mailing list which sends mass emails to everyone on the list whenever you want to promote something.

However, it’s well known that customers are much more responsive to ads that don’t feel mass-produced, and instead target them as individuals. After all, we all love to feel special, don’t we?

Therefore, it would be beneficial for you to take a stab at targeted email marketing, which sends specific emails to specific people based on a set of categories.

There’s the usual segmented email marketing, which categorizes your mailing list according to age, gender, location, et cetera.

But a more relevant way to segment your mailing list in this case is to see, for example, which customers have already expressed interest in topics related to your webinar topic, and to see which customers have already signed up for the webinar. You should send invites specifically to the former category. To the latter category, you can acknowledge their registration and send a reminder closer to the event.

5. Take advantage of your social media networks

It’s likely that you already have a social media presence, so why not take advantage of that guaranteed audience when trying to promote your web seminar? The followers you have on your social media platforms also have a higher chance of being interested in your webinar than virtual strangers.

There are a couple of ways you can take advantage of your Twitter and Instagram networks:

  • Ask your webinar guest speakers to put their influence to good use. They can record video snippets of themselves speaking about the topic at hand, and what they plan on discussing or teaching at the event. Post these snippets on Instagram stories as easily digestible content. Alternatively, you can even have your guests do an Instagram livestream in the days leading up to the event, to answer any preliminary questions people may have.
  • Use the power of hashtags to get your message around. On Twitter, create a hashtag or series of hashtags for your webinar. Ask your followers, guest speakers, as well as your team members to do a tweet-storm using these hashtags a couple of times a week. This is a sure-fire way to create hype beforehand.


In sum, promoting your web seminar is a task that can be easily and successfully achieved once you have a few tricks up your sleeve, 5 of which we have let slip to you.

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