5 Rewarding Careers in Health and Wellness

health and wellness

A career in health and wellness comes with many benefits. The most tangible being that it’s not affected by the economy. Usually, nurses, doctors, yoga, and fitness instructors are the first professionals that come to mind when people think of health and wellness workers. However, there are many other highly rewarding careers in health and wellness, which this article will further highlight.

1. Physical therapist.


Physical therapists evaluate and treat disorders on a physical level. They improve mobility and relieve pain through treatment that tends to involve a recovery plan and prescription medication. Furthermore, they also form partnerships with pharmaceutical companies like Superior Supplement MFG to produce affordable and effective dietary supplements that enhance overall wellbeing. Superior Supplement MFG uses a turnkey manufacturing system that seamlessly takes their products from concept to packaging.

This means that licensed physical therapists, general practitioners, and companies can create customized dietary supplements that are FDA approved. They can also create private label products in capsules, tablets, gummies, soft gels, liquids, and powders, using high-grade raw ingredients. The availability of specialty packaging means that therapists can make arrangements for large or small batch deliveries for their first-time orders.

2. Health services manager.

For a medical and healthcare facility to operate smoothly, a health services manager is required. This role is best for individuals with savvy business skills and innate leadership traits. The health services manager is fundamentally responsible for organizing and tracking daily activities.

They seek new ways to optimize the working environment for medical staff and healthcare workers. They also help improve the overall patient experience and uphold the healthcare policies of the medical facility. They also liaise with online sites like USA Rx to make affordable medication and drugs available for their patients.

USA Rx works with pharmacies across the United States to make free Rx (medical prescriptions) available for anyone, regardless of whether you have health insurance or not. The coupons on the site are automatically active. You simply have to search for your required medication, print out your coupon, and confirm its status from any of the 70,000 pharmacies they have partnered with. The free mobile app also allows you to search, view, and compare prices at pharmacies nearby.

3. Community health worker.


Community health workers are the first responders for resource-constrained local areas with limited access to medical facilities. In this career path, you’ll play a vital role in developing the personal wellbeing, psychology, and lifestyles of marginalized communities. Overall, it’s a very community-centered career.

4. Corporate wellness coordinator.

According to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics, 63% of local and state government employees, and 39% percent of all private employees had access to wellness-related benefits in 2017. These numbers show a rapid increase in corporate wellness coordinators who are responsible for the creation and promotion of fitness and wellness campaigns in the workplace. They also manage and organize a company’s fitness centers, ensuring that the facility is well-maintained.

5. Public health educator.


If a life of service is what you’re after, then this is the perfect job. With the incredible achievement of extending life expectancy by 25 years, the role of a public health educator is particularly inviting for the selfless. This career combines scientific knowledge with social and humanistic skills, achieving a key role in the health system. More so, they can work across various industries, from government-funded to private healthcare facilities.

Their job is to help others maintain a healthy lifestyle through education. Altogether, they devise the most suitable strategies to overcome health threats. The fact that what they do makes a profound difference to the lives of others is one reason a career in this field is rewarding.

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