5 Easy Steps to Staining Your Deck Like a Pro

5 Easy Steps to Staining Your Deck Like a Pro

When you are working on deck staining, it has to look like a professional has done it. Only then, it would look in sync and aesthetic. Hence, to make it look like a pro has done it, you have a lot of steps that you can follow. Following these steps will guarantee a great looking and long-lasting result deck. All you have to do is to just follow the steps exactly and they will turn out to be exactly like you wanted them or picturized them.

It will take time so be patient

When you are working on your deck, you have to be patient. Preparation matters the most and with every step of the deck staining process, you will have to work perseverant and take your time. When the project is done, you will find that the tools will have a great impact on the quality of the work you do. Take your own time to just allow some new pressure-treated lumber to let it weather for some months so that you can see the deck drying out. Don’t forget to leave the stain strippers on the surface so that they will break down the old finish and then they can rinse it off. Try to prevent as much as overspray you can on the nontarget surfaces. This will wait to start the project until the weather forecast is okay for the work.

Do not forget to prepare everything before starting. The wood needs to be quite clean and before staining, the deck needs to be cleaned. The lumber needs to be cleaned out so that it can help to prevent any kind of problems like stopping the wood stains to get into the wood pores.

Use brighteners as they are beautiful

To paint the #1 deck, you should not skip any step and all these steps are very easy. Hence, to have that dramatic effect on the final results, you can apply the wood brighteners. They are very easy to apply and they open the surface of the wood to improve the penetration into the wood pores. If there were any stain strippers, you can neutralize that too and this will help to restore the original wood. With the above-mentioned things, the brighteners can do lots of stuff and hence, you should not skip from using them during the deck staining process. They are important and they have many benefits which are why we are roping it in our process of painting the #1 deck. Apart from that, you need not use any scrubbing or elbow grease to maintain them.

Rinse well and steer clear of the cheap items

When you are painting your deck stain, make sure it is of good quality because you want it to last for a longer period. Use a lot of water so that you can clean the chemicals well. Apart from that, you should rinse the chemicals well though they seem to be harmless and skin-friendly. The reason why we are asking you to consider rinsing because if the chemicals are trapped inside, over the time they break down the new stain. Hence, to prevent this and a few other shortcomings, you need to clean the wood and the deck stain thoroughly. Also, when you are purchasing the material for painting the deck, stay away from the cheap stuff. You always get what you pay for and of course, if the quality is good so is the price. Hence, do not be selfish in spending here. Instead, stay away from the cheap quality products so that you can get better resins, pigments, mildewcides, etc.

Follow the direction given on the material used

When you are using a product, you need to always read the label for directions. All it takes is just a few minutes and you can get an amazing product just because you have followed the directions. Pay attention to different things like how many coats of stain you are applying or how long you are supposed to wait between the different coats of stain on the deck. You need to also know how long you should wait so that you can clean and also how long the wood should stay for weathering. Always read the label and that will teach you how to do it.

Do not overdo anything

No, more is not better all the time. The decks look good when they are stained with a semi-transparent wood stain. When the instructions say that you need to apply a quantity with a certain measure, always follow it. Do not overdo it as a film can appear on the stain. Thus, you do not want to create a disaster deck stain.


Hence, follow these 5 steps and see how well you can paint your deck stain like a pro!

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