3 Reasons Why Garage Conversions Are Trending in 2023

Trending in 2023

You have probably heard mention of garage conversions in the past but have never really thought about them because there was no need. Perhaps that’s the operative word in 2023, and that would be “need.” Never before has there seemed to be such a great need for added space to your home and if that’s what you are after, there are three very good reasons why so many homeowners are looking into the benefits of a garage conversion. That said, adding extra space isn’t the only reason why they are trending today, but it could be the catalyst that is driving you to consider undertaking a project such as this. Let’s take a quick look at why they are so popular in 2023.

1. Inflation

One of the things that consumers are battling with around the globe is inflation. Unfortunately, when it comes to needing that extra living space, buying a newer, larger home is simply out of the question. Home prices have skyrocketed over the past few years, leaving many families without adequate space to meet their needs.

It is far more cost effective to add extra living space such as a bigger kitchen or home office to a home than to purchase a bigger home plus all the additional removal costs to relocate. You will find on sites like https://wygarageconversions.co.uk that the garage conversions West Yorkshire demand is as great as it is in Bristol or the Scottish Highlands for that matter.

2. Greater Number of Remote Jobs

Speaking of home offices, this is something that has seen major growth within the past few years. Ever since the global pandemic forced universal shutdowns of businesses large and small, a greater number of workers have begun working from home. Once many of the restrictions were lifted, companies found that it was more cost-effective for them to keep employees working from home because it significantly reduced their overhead.

Workers found it better to work from home as well because it reduced their travel expenses and gave them other perks such as making their own hours and not spending money on office attire. It was a win-win to keep them as remote workers!

3. Added Value to the Property

Having the garage properly insulated with the required fire walls and electrical wiring seen to by a West Yorkshire Garages Conversion Company, for example, can add extra value to your home. It is the hopes of most homeowners that if they should ever list their home for sale they will be able to get a high asking price. Whilst a garage conversion can satisfy their current needs, who knows what the future will hold?

Added value never hurts when it comes to selling your home, and although that is at some point in the future, adding a larger kitchen or a utility room goes a very long way toward that higher asking price you will want. Whether you’ve taken over a bedroom for your home office or your kitchen no longer meets your needs, a garage conversion can offer you the space you need now – not at some distant point in the future. That’s why they are trending in 2023.

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