12 Essential Features of Successful Educational Apps

12 Essential Features of Successful Educational Apps

The mobile app for education has created a history in the education sector. Now, it is possible to learn several things from different teachers across the globe through the help of these apps with minimal or no charges. Since education and entertainment are combined here in the applications, the learning is fun for the students and they can draw huge interest in the subjects they are learning. There is a common tradition of a miscommunication in a class filled with numerous students. It becomes difficult for a teacher to understand each student individually in a 40- or 60-minutes time slot. Educational apps made magic in this matter, since here a 1:1 communication occurs, a teacher can catch easily about the student’s need as well as a student can express him or her in a non-hesitated way.

There are multiple educational app ideas available online but not all are beneficial to the students. So, this can be seen that using educational apps can be fruitful only if you choose the right one. Very few app ideas for students do work properly for them. Thus, below, 12 of the essential features of successful educational apps have been mentioned below to help you to find out the best educational app for you:

But, before you start, you need to know what type of mobile app for education will work best for you. There are several types of educational apps including language learning, training platforms, courses, children’s education, government job exams education etc. so, know your need and then start accordingly. Also, if you want to develop the best mobile app for education, then you certainly need to check these few essential features that you can incorporate in your application.

  • Brief and concise discussion of each topic:

Lengthy and unnecessary blabbering on a topic makes it boring. You should always go for the mobile app for education that contains compact and concise study material and provides you with all sorts of information without making it unnecessarily long. If you use this trick, you will be able to consume lots of information within a short period. Hence, for a business point of view, creating concise topics is of much importance.

  • Numerous types of contents:

Always consider developing educational apps that contain different types of content to impose different types of teaching. Since different techniques are suitable for different students, it is a wise choice to put up content that contains various types of teaching. This helps the students to understand what type of teaching is beneficial for them and they can proceed accordingly. Incorporating diversified knowledge is the best educational app ideas for students.

  • Live tutorial and interactive session:

Live tutorials from the tutors play a major role in sustaining a lesson. So, you always seek for that option whenever you are approaching an educational app.  When students go through a particular chapter, many doubts and confusions appear. Then, they need someone to guide and this interactive session can do magic in this matter. Thus, the live sessions are a rescue and a must in your educational application.

  • Lots of Practice session:

We all know that there is no shortcut leading you to success. Students must practice hard in achieving something. So, make sure that your educational app contains a lot of practice materials so that students can assess their learning by practising them repeatedly. Yes, practice makes a man perfect and hence requires essential materials for the same.

  • Progress and achievement tracker:

Tracking of a student’s progress makes him or her motivated, as well as their teacher, can observe it too. So, this is important to keep a Progress and achievement tracker in an educational app. Developing a report card and letting the students and their parents see enables them to continue in the journey.

  • Social media options for good effect:

Incorporation of linkage to social media makes the learning process even more beautiful. Students can share their follow-up stories regarding their studies on social media to keep them motivated and to gather enthusiasm from others. Sharing about an educational app on social media can call for more students and the students get beneficial by facing more competition.

  • Multilingual content:

Educational apps that contain multilingual content are always good to go. These apps can be accessed by numerous students as well as if the students find something difficult to follow in English, they can try other languages good for them. So, try incorporating many languages in your educational app.

  • Push notifications

This is important to deliver push notifications over an educational app so that the students get messages regarding their learning or can see updates. This feature enables students to be updated.

  • User-friendly interface:

No matter how well planned the app is, if the interface is not user-friendly, students may face issues handling it. So, while checking the app, make sure that you can handle it smoothly. Most of the app developers do not pay attention to this factor and the app faces so much competition in the market.

  • Profile creating facility:

If an app provides the facility of personal login, it becomes easier for a student to keep a record of personal preferences or saving their preferable material and can access them easily. The apps providing the facility of personal profile creation is always welcomed.

  • Test yourself:

Self-assessment is always the best and should be encouraged among the students so that they understand the level of preparation they are doing. Hence, have few self-tests in your education app for the students which will also keep them motivated.

  • Offline:

Provision of utilizing your mobile app when a student is offline is a must. Since it might not be possible for a student to be online and study. Flexibility to download the material should be surely incorporated.

So, these are the few things that need to be incorporated into the educational apps to get the students’ preferences. A regular update system brought to the educational apps as per students’ need to make it even more popular. The apps that consume fewer data and deliver more information is always beneficial for the users.

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