10 EBooks to Help You Find Your Way to Nutrition and Fitness

Nutrition and Fitness

Do you need help finding your way to a better nutrition and fitness program? With the overabundance of distractions these days it is often easy to forget to take the best care of ourselves. Fast food is quicker and easier than preparing healthier meals, relaxing after work and vegging out is much more appealing than making time for the gym. Factors that berate us on a daily basis are things such as emotional/physical stress, nutrition, social and familial obligations, and lack of sleep. Often, it is not an easy process to break one’s routine. A helping hand may be something that we all need in order to prod us in the right direction.

There are millions of books out there for “bangin’ bodies,” or books trying to convince you that you can look like Channing Tatum in six easy steps, twenty minutes a week. The hype is impractical, and in some cases can lead to people hurting themselves due to misinformation. I have located a handful of mobile books, available through iTunes and, that tackle personal health in a variety of practical ways. Here is the ten I was most intrigued by:

Power Foods for the brain

1. Power Foods for the Brain by Neal Bernard (out Feb. 2013)

Dr Barnard’s system discusses the foods that help increase brain function, memory, and even reduce the risk of Alzheimer’s disease. He also points out the foods you may be taking in that are proving counterproductive to overall health.

2. Qi Gong for total wellness by Dr Baolin Wu and Jessica Eckstein (out Oct. 2013)

Dr Baolin Wu and Jessica Eckstein introduce you to the ancient healing art of Qi Gong. The clearly illustrated goals in the book, which combine “movement, meditation and visualization,” are meant to help you expel toxins in order to reach a better state of mental and physical health.

3. Herbal Antivirals by Stephen Harrod Buhner- (out Oct. 2013)

Our bodies are becoming less and less resistant to new and worsening infections, such as the flu. This book points out how to boost your immune system with natural remedies.

4. Anatomy of strength training by Pat Manocchia (out 2012)

This book takes a step-by-step approach to help you re-analyze your workout. You can start with the basics, learning how to do the exercises on a proper manner, and work your way up to building a full exercise plan that can be fun, rewarding, and most of all, productive.

5. In defense of food by Michael Pollan (out 2008)

Michael Pollan is of the opinion that science has far too much of a hand in processing food these days. This book intends to take the worry out of eating and get us back to eating healthy, natural foods. Making better decisions is the key to nutrition.

6. Physical activity and fitness by Justin Healey (out July 2013)

This handy book offers simple and easy solutions to staying active in your everyday life. There are worksheets and lists of activities designed to lift you out of sedentary habits in order to lessen the risk factors of things such as diabetes and heart related diseases.

7. Gym Fitness by Infinite ideas (out Feb 2012)

Make every workout count. This book strives to help you suit a workout routine to your individual needs so you can see real results without feeling the futility often associated with boredom at the gym.

8. The 100 by Jorge Cruise (out May 2013)

Jorge Cruise challenges the traditional view of counting calories by offering that the idea has been pitched to us using out of date research. This book teaches you how to balance what you take in so that you keep healthy, but don’t go wanting.

9. Eat, Move, Sleep by Tom Rath (out Oct. 2013)

Tom Rath offers ways to make better health choices, based on his personal experience and research. The book is designed to encourage you to move more, eat better, and hopefully sleep more soundly.

10. Losing It by Dhruv Gupta and Prachi Gupta (out Jan. 2013)

Who is defining “healthy food?” This book offers a look into foods that are truly healthy for you while warning against some that are strictly hype. Educate yourself so that you can make more informed choices that lead to permanent weight loss and a healthier future.

With all of the fad diets and exercise programs out there it can seem like a daunting task to filter through all the nonsense and know which way is up. These ten books represent a wide array of techniques that I feel step away from what gets claimed as “proven science” when it comes to health and fitness. This list tackles everything from mental acuity and nutrition, to simple ways to just stay active in the sedentary lifestyle that is becoming all too familiar. I tried to stick to books that have come out this past year, but I found a couple from 2012 and one from 2008 that just seemed too good not to pass on.

If you are looking to break into a new routine, or even start one, these ten books here may serve as a springboard. Information to help kick start the health and fitness in your life, without a roundhouse kick to the wallet.

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