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Ask Bob Marley Who is Peta Tosh?

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Not since Sir Mix-a-Lot has Seattle had a major star on the Hip-Hop scene, but times may be changing very soon. With the growing number of young emcees working their way through the mixtape cirucit and the increased amount of mainstream rappers touring in the city of Bill Gates, Seattle may be the next hot bed for Hip-Hop.

A week ago I Stumbled Upon a dope rapper named Peta Tosh out of Seattle via Tumblr. Tosh is a very witty emcee with a knack for wordplay and a barrage of extremely introspective rhymes. After listening to Tosh’s “Different” mixtape for three days straight, I had to reach out to the kid for an interview.

Kelland: Who is Peta Tosh?

Peta Tosh: I had a friend of mines that gave me that name about six years ago, because I smoke a lot. He was like “man you smoke so much I’m gonna call you Peta Tosh.”

I was like who is Peta Tosh? So he explained that Peter Tosh was a reggae artist who ran with Bob Marley and was a very influential cultural figure back in the days. The interesting thing is when he started calling me that, I wasn’t even rapping.

Kelland: So How long have you been rapping?
Peta Tosh: I would probably say 5-6 years, but I was always a huge fan of music.

Kelland: So how many projects have you released?
Peta Tosh: I released my second project this May called “The Take Off Part II” and last year I released “Different.”

Kelland: I see you have a real unique sound. Who is handling your production?
Peta Tosh: I was working with a Producer from Seattle name Cuddie Fresh and few other producers I met online. I don’t have a main producer that I’m working with, I’m just building with anyone that has a great sound.

Kelland: What’s your record label situation right now?
Peta Tosh: I’m independent right now. I’ve been talking to a few labels lately, but as of right now Peta Tosh is 100% independent!

Kelland: How would you describe your music?
Peta Tosh: I would describe it as universal, laid back and fun. At the same time I do like to bring some energy to the table.

Kelland: What can we expect from you in 2013?
Peta Tosh: You can be expecting a new EP from me with all original music. It’s untitled at the moment, but you never know I may drop a project at the end of the year. I will be releasing some new videos from “Different” and “The Take Off” before I drop the next project.

Kelland: Where do you see yourself in the Future?
Peta Tosh: This is what I want to do for the rest of my life. Of course when you are no signed you have your second thoughts about things, but even when I try to doubt myself I keep pushing. I have confidence in myself that things will happen, but if they never do I will continue writing. I would love to do some acting as well and write songs for other genres.

Kelland: So what type of herbs are they smoking in Seattle?
Peta Tosh: Purple Berry Kush, Purple Kush, Headband, Cotton Kandy Kush and Super Lemon Haze.

Here is a video to one of my favorite songs from the “Different” mixtape, “Mercy.”

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