4 Job Industries for People Who Want to Help Others


When choosing your perfect career, it can be a lot about what you can do for others as well as what you can do for yourself. Even if you haven’t yet pinpointed the job role you would like to attain, it’s enough to know whether or not you want your career to be one that focuses on supporting others in their daily lives. Helping others can be done in many ways, which is where there are so many job roles and industries available for those who want to make a positive difference.

Here are just some of them.

  1. Teaching

If you want to play a key role in shaping the lives of others and their development, teaching can put you at the forefront of changing people’s lives for the better. Teaching in any capacity sets you up to share vital education and support to benefit others. No matter whether you’re teaching a kindergarten class or a university class, teaching will always play a vital part in the development of other people.

A lot of teachers remain in the minds of their students for the rest of their lives if they’ve offered significant support and teaching methods. As a teacher, you can easily have a considerable professional and personal impact on many people.

In finding your ideal teaching position, think about the environment and subject matter you would like to teach and the age group of those you would like to educate.

  1. Healthcare

There’s no doubt that healthcare is going to be one of the biggest industries in terms of making a positive difference. Healthcare focuses on the wellbeing and medical treatment of all patients from all walks of life. Working in healthcare to help others also doesn’t mean you have to work on the frontlines, either; there are so many job roles within healthcare that you may find yourself working behind the scenes in a lab for research, working in pharmaceuticals developing medicines, or working directly with patients as a nurse or doctor.

When considering the best healthcare role for you, which will match how you want to help others, think about the different realms of medicine and health you can explore.

This could be:

  • Mental health and psychology
  • Physical health through treatment and medicine
  • Physical therapy
  • Specializing in the health of one area of the body
  • Specializing with a specific age group of people
  • Research and development
  • Working within a healthcare setting as a supportive role

There are also many ways you can learn and develop within a healthcare role if you wish to change your specialization or education level and help others in a different way. Those working in the nursing profession can seek to make a BSN to FNP switch to further their career path, or those who have been working directly with patients may want to turn to a more lab-focused role to work with data. There are many possibilities, but all roles within healthcare will be essential for helping the quality of life of others.

  1. Social Work

Social work is vital for assisting the community and for assisting vulnerable people within it. Social work can see you working with a variety of vulnerable people, such as young people with mental illness or with elderly families. For this reason, it’s also a great option for those who enjoy working with a variety of people as well as helping a diverse range of people on a daily basis.

Social workers work at the forefront of challenging situations to offer professional support to those who need it. This may be in the form of assessments and reviews, or it could be on a more personal level by offering day-to-day routine support to people who can’t fulfill tasks independently.

  1. Charity Organizations

Perhaps you want to make a positive difference with those organizations which work every day to help those causes most in need. Charity work can be done for a variety of sectors, such as helping the environment, the homeless, causes in other countries, or natural disasters. Charity work will see you actively working not only to help those in need but also to drastically change the situation overall for the better through funding, research, and awareness events.

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Final Thoughts

When it comes to helping others within a job role, it may not mean that you have to seek out the biggest career industries like these 4. Helping others can be done every day with the smallest gestures through every routine. However, if you are looking to make the biggest impact possible to improve the lives of others, you may want to consider a career in any of the industries discussed.

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