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Want a Music App With Deep Social Intergration? Try Grab Radio

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Grab Radio allows mobile users to listen to over 40,000 radio stations from all over the globe. Grab is on to a pretty fast start and since being released earlier this year; the app has been downloaded 250,000.

I recently downloaded Grab for my Windows Phone and was amazed at the buffering speed and the fact that I was able to view an artists social feed while listening to their music. While I’m not accustomed to paying for music apps, the cost of $2.49 was definitely worth it.

This Is How it Works:

When a radio station is putting out ‘metadata’ or song/artist information, Grab Radio lets them purchase music in the relevant stores using the ‘Grab’ button without needing a computer. Users can also ‘Tag’ music to a playlist for reviewing later. With a Shazam button built in to certain versions, people can check out the name of the artists and songs when the metadata is not provided by the radio stations.

The listener can search for a station by name or browse through five different categories; local radio; talk radio; sports; music genres; and they can also browse by location. The user can add their favourite stations to the favourites list.

Additionally, there is a ‘More’ function which allows the user to check out the artists info via Facebook, MySpace, Twitter, and view videos of the artists songs on YouTube…just the job if you’re saving the pennies.

Grab Radio is Currently available on Windows Phone 7, IOS, Meego and Symbian devices.

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