What Is More Helpful Buying YtouTube Views or Generating Organic Traffic?


Comparing between the purchases of YouTube views and planning to gain organic traffic has the simplest answer of opting to go with the organic views. 

The question is very close to asking that, if there is any shortcut to success. Well, we all have the answer for the same, and it is a clear no. 

Can you hold someone forcefully, if you Buy YouTube Views and they do not like the content of your channel they will leave your channel over the time.

Moreover, if your content is good, but they are not interested in the niche or domain of your channel, then too you cannot hold back. For the money, the audience might watch the content once, but not again and again. Moreover, it is the number of watch hours that matters for YouTube, and not the higher number of viewers.

Pros of Getting The Organic Views Over Paid YouTube Views For Your YouTube Channel

If you are planning to Buy YouTube Views  ask yourself, can you watch a movie again and again if you are paid for it? 70% of the audience does not. You might watch once, twice, and max thrice, but finally you would quit. The same is the scenario of the paid YouTube views. 

It will give you increased views for a particular time, you will pay the money, and suddenly the count will go down.

Moreover, the idea of buying the YouTube views was effective until the last update of the YouTube Algorithm. After the recent changes in the YouTube algorithm, you require a minimum of 4,000 watch hours, and 1,000 subscribers to start the monetisation of your channel.

It has a higher possibility to get the score, if you start to promote and brand your channel. You can start with ten or fifteen users, but then the chances of getting the highest number of views with time are very high, when you provide the quality content to the users. 

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Along with your personal promotions, there is a higher chance of mouth to mouth publicity. You got to share your channel and videos over your social media channels, to gain higher organic traffic.

Apart from that, you can target the audience by being more active on the platform and interacting with your audience.

Improving your network by contacting more and more people of your niche, and guest posting on their channels can also help you to get the organic traffic.

There is not one, but multiple ways of improving the organic traffic on your channel, you need to practice them consistently. 

In a Nutshell: 

Promotions and dedications in your uploads are the only keys to get the higher number of YouTube views, watch hours, and subscribers. If you are looking for long-term results, then there is no use to buy YouTube views. It can help you to complete the requirements at the first year, otherwise next year again, you would have to start from zero. 

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