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Top Five Ratchet Songs of 2012

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Ratchet music emerged in 2012 as the preferred sound for rap fans on the west coast looking to party. Though it kicked off in Shreveport, Louisiana, Los Angeles producer DJ Mustard uprooted the formula and molded it for folks like YG, HBK and Tyga. The result? An inescapable mesh of raunchy lyrics, hyphy 808s and hand-clapping.

Here, then, are the best ratchet songs of 2012. Oh, and though we know that Mike Will was producing ratchet bangers in Atlanta this year, you won’t find him on the list, which features strictly West Coast artists.

5. Ty$ and Joe Moses
Ty$ and Joe Moses’ Whoop!, featuring a serious helping of DJ Mustard produced jams, may be the most underrated release this year. Standout track “Weekend” is a catchy club single that displays Ty$’s knack for hooks. Though the music comes across as effortless, sonically it’s more complex than most made-for-radio tracks, with a densely layered beat accentuated by hypnotizing chants.

4. Jay 305
“Youzza Flip”
Jay 305’s “Youzza Flip” is the only independent record cracking the list. It’s catchy and features bars of braggadocio, while Roosevelt’s production wouldn’t sound out of place on a HBK or Pushaz Ink record. “She made a career off her pusshole/Damn shame, ’cause the bitch is still broke,” Jay notes. His lyrics are both misogynist and humorous, which is pretty much what ratchet is all about.

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