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Ten Must Know Facts for Any South Park Fan

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South_Park_Season_14As the show comes on in the background as I write this ‘ten-facts’ article, I come to a realization that South Park is much bigger than most other shows. It may not be as big as The Simpsons but it’s pretty high up there, culture and impact wise. South Park has been on the air for many, many years on Comedy Central and has spawned one movie and a handful of games, one of which just released this past week. Everyone knows Cartman, Kyle, Kenny, and Stan but do you know everything about South Park? Here are ten must know facts that every fan must know about South Park.

•Though Trey Parker and Matt Stone have been the writers of the show since its inception; other writers have come in to write episodes. Other writers whom written for the show were Jonathan Kimmel (brother of Jimmy Kimmel Live host Jimmy Kimmel), Bill Hader of SNL fame, and Kristen Schaal of Bob’s Burgers.

•Butters’ (my favorite character) original name was Poof Poof.

•Kenny’s lines are recorded with Matt Stone speaking into his sleeve. Also, since his dialog is muffled, everything he says isn’t censored for the televised broadcast.

•Matt and Trey ask Family Guy creator to voice a character on the show. However, Seth has declined every request.

•Every episode of South Park takes roughly around 5-6 days to make, this includes pre-production all the way through postproduction. This was the subject of the documentary 6 Days to Air.

•The name of Cartman’s mother, Liane, is named after Trey Parker’s ex-fiancée. He caught her with another man leading the fictional character to be very promiscuous.

•The Canadian characters of Terrence and Phillip were created after a response that the show itself was nothing but fart jokes. Terrence and Phillip are characters notorious in the South Park universe for their toilet humor. This was also the plot of the film South Park: Bigger, Longer, and Uncut.

•South Park: Bigger, Longer, and Uncut, the first and only movie thus far based on the TV show was nominated for an Oscar. The nomination was for best Original Song but it lost to Phil Collins for You’ll Be In My Heart for Tarzan.

The character of Muhammad as depicted in the episode Super Best Friends.

The character of Muhammad as depicted in the episode Super Best Friends.

•Out of the very long 18 season history, only two episodes had to be censored for the original televised broadcast. One episode was Cartoon Wars part 2 where Muhammad was set to make an appearance on Family Guy.

•Speaking of Muhammad, Muhammad has actually made an earlier appearance in South Park before in the episode Super Best Friends in season 5.

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