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MTV news reported the death of Michael Fortunato “Mike” on Saturday from a pulmonary embolism while driving to the hospital. Mike appeared on Catfish’s second season, the episode premiered September 10, just a couple of weeks ago. The double Catfish told the story of how both parties used either altered photos or false identities. Their online relationship led on for seven years, until Ashley decided to contact the show to finally come clean and meet the person she had fallen in love with. Sadly it turns out Mike wasn’t the guy Ashley was hoping for… She decided to end the relationship…

Mike had sincere feeling for Ashley <3 …

Unfortunately Ashely commented she didn’t feel attracted to Mike… Shady much?

Mike is being remembered online as the “Handsome Giant Teddy Bear” who would put other peoples needs in front of his own!

R.I.P : Michael Fortunato