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Sunday Best: The Top Two Are Revealed

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Sunday Best

Jeffrey Golden and Tequila Wilson on Sunday Best. One of these singers are sent home. But who?

And then there were five. Yes, we’re in the top five of Sunday Best Season seven and it’s going to get better. After sending home Deangelo Gardner and the wild card Demarka Wheeler, can your favorite hold on until next week? After a lovely opening performance, Donald Lawrence joined judges Donnie McClurkin and Kierra Sheard as a guest judge for the night. I wonder where Yolanda Adams was during the time of recording.

Mentor Kim Burrell told Serena Young she needs to give more power when she sings Lawrence’s Bless Me. I felt as though she played it very safely. She has been consistent since she was recruited for the competition and has been pushing herself but tonight felt as though she was holding back. She was great and Donnie thought she was equally as wonderful. Kierra was surprised at her falsetto notes. Guest Judge Lawrence gave her some sound advice and suggested that she should add the song to her repertoire.

Geoffrey Golden’s advice from Burrell was not build on his notes so much. Donned the Black Pavarotti by host Kirk Franklin, Golden sang another Lawrence hit Seasons. Golden, in my opinion, gave THE best performance he’s given on Sunday Best. Lawrence said he sung like a 50-year old man. “You’ve come into your season” shouted McClurkin. On the opposite end, Kierra thought that particular performance wasn’t her favorite but it was “good.”

Kim Burrell told Brightney Jones she needs to maneuver between her notes. Jones sang The Best is Yet to Come by Donald Lawrence. I’m not too keen on Jones’ singing so her performance was almost irritating to me. I don’t think that she could sing and keeping her in the competition is doing a disservice to the rest of those who can belt out a song while maintain spirituality. Kierra said she has a beautiful voice but stated that she didn’t feel anything from her performance. Lawrence told her “you need to sing the song and don’t have the song sing you.” McClurkin said she made her own signature on the song and “rose to the occasion.”

Right before a commercial break, Franklin announced that three singers would be going home. Before I blinked I thought, “I know who’s going home.” I said it last week that Geoffrey and Serena would be the top two contestants.

Burrell was moved to tears with Candace Benson’s practice run. She sang God’s Favor by, once again Donald Lawrence. Though I’ve been recapping Sunday Best for two seasons, I think this is the first time where I overlooked someone. Benson gave a magnificent performance and even outperformed Serena tonight. Donald commended her on her pacing and her believability with the song. Kierra said that in five years she could be one of the best singers in the Gospel industry. “I like the fearlessness,” exclaimed Donnie. “Don’t ever second guess what God has given you.”

Burrell was completely honest with Tiquila Wilson stating that she needs to and I’m paraphrasing quit playing around. Burrell informed her Wilson needs to take her singing seriously. Singing another Donald Lawrence song, Wilson took the stage to sing Bless You Real Good. Kierra said she was “good” and likable. McClurking thought she came to win and stated that she, until now, wasn’t giving it her all. Lawrence loved the way she sung behind the beat.

Dr. Bobby Jones and Faith Evans then took the stage and gave a beautiful performance.

The five performances, for better or worse, gave it there all to stay on the Sunday Best stage.

In move that made me yell at the television, Serena Young, along with Brightney Jones, was sent home. Tiquila was also sent home.

The two finalists going through to the finals are Geoffrey Golden and Candace Benson, the two young bucks.

I was completely blindsided with the sending home of Serena Young. Were you surprised tonight?

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