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Sunday Best Season 7 Episode 3 Recap

Sunday Best Season 7 Episode 3

Sunday Best Season 7 Episode 3

To clear some things up, I thought Sunday Best was like every other talent show where the judges would pick those who are right and would then narrow down the choices to 20. That’s not how it works and I do feel as though they didn’t choice the right people to go through.With that being said, ten of the twenty singers performed tonight with Kristen Jamison kicking off the show. Sunday Best Season 7, Episode 3 kicked off with Kristen Jamison singing A Little More Jesus. Her performance was average at best; she didn’t move me the way she moved me during her audition. Judge Donnie McClurkin said that he couldn’t really hear her through the song. Yolanda Adams enjoyed the performance and Kierra Sheard had no complaints.

Geoffrey Golden was the second performer to grace the stage tonight with his rendition of I Call You Faithful. Golden, while I thought his voice was great, I didn’t feel his praise nor the performance. So far, Sunday Best is batting 0 for 2. Kierra was amazed and referred to him as a groundbreaker. McClurkin called him a worshipper, while Yolanda praised him, “you mean God,” she said.


Jarveous Williams, from the Stax Music Academy was third. Host Kirk Franklin announced that Williams was to be referred to by Aspen Price. He sang Cleaned His House. The artist formally known as Jarveous Williams gave a very stilted and vapid performance. It was as though he was made to sing that song, you know, against his will. Donnie McClurkin agreed with me. Yolanda Adams says that he needs to have the passion to project the message of the song. Kierra Sheard’s piece of advice was to change his name back to Jarveous because that’s who is truly is. Williams, or Price, took heed to that advice. So now Jarveous is The Artist Formally Known as Jarveous Williams Formally Known as Aspen Price.


At this point, Sunday Best was batting 0 for 3 and the entire show felt jagged. However, DeAngelo Gardner got on stage to perform Again by Israel Hoten and blew the house away. At this point, his performance was the best of the night. Sheard said he was simply amazing. Yolanda Adams told him he has to make sure the word of the gospel is coming through the song and is reaching the audience instead of the words of the lyrics.


Rome Washington, my favorite to win, performed Bomb in Gilead. While she showed a range of emotion in her face during the performance, there wasn’t anything to write home about. Adams told her to pace herself and McClurkin said to never doubt herself. Sheard noticed that she seemed nervous and called her out on it.


Steven Howard performed Ya Wey but when he came out, his voice cracked messing up a couple of the opening notes; it didn’t get much better from there. McClurkin told him to control his pitch and Sheard wanted a little more. Adams appreciated the arrangement of the song.


Audra Jones, former Mother Mary at the Holy Land in Orlando, FL, performed Because of Who You Are. Once again, the caliber of singers tonight was low and Audra was an example of that. It seems the transition from performing in front of three people to 100+ has brought out the nerves in the contestants. Yolanda Adams was delighted but Donnie expressed she needed to control her vibrato. Sheard said that though she delivered, she wanted to hear more personality


Williams Demps performed Praise of the Inside. He brought a bit more soul and character to the song than the previous performers; Donnie agreed with me. Sheard wanted more character and Adams told him that she belives that he’s going to go far.


Demarka Wheeler sang Just Ask In My Name and had the crowd on their feet, hands extended forward. Adams was blessed to be in her presence. McClurkin said she has the anointing. Sheard didn’t have to complement her, she simply sang Just Ask in My Name with Demarka. Wheeler blew the house down and caused everyone to get off his or her feet again.


The last performer of the night was Tequila Wilson performed the gospel song Happy and was, in Sheard’s words, great. McClurkin said that she has everything to make this season great.


Next week, the rest of the top 20 performs and ten singers go home. Jarveous Williams may very well be on that list next week, depending on how the rest of the contestants perform.  I don’t like Kierra Sheard as a judge simply because I don’t feel her advice is sound enough to merit a change in the for the better in performers. Here’s to next week.


What was your favorite performance?

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