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Now Trending: Teen Dances Like Michael Jackson



Look Out! This teen dances like Michael Jackson. What started as a performance at a high school talent show (which he won by the way) has blown up into a viral sensation on the Internet. The 17-year-old Micheal Jackson fan, Brett Nichols, committed himself to learning MJ’s dance moves because he admired the king of pop and wanted to dance like him. Nichols has certainly accomplished this goal, with identical moves to Michael Jackson like the famous moonwalk.

In fact, the teenager was so good that Michael’s estate actually invited Nichols to Las Vegas for a performance of Michael Jackson ONE.  Aside from that, the teen has gotten 10 million views on YouTube of his “Billie Jean” dance performance at his high school talent show. Since then, Brett has released a new video of him dancing to “Smooth Criminal” and has also been interviewed by CNN, where he explains how he became a Michael Jackson fan in the first place. In the interview, they also show a side-by-side comparison of he and the king of pop dancing to “Billie Jean”. It is almost uncanny and not an easy task.

When asked what he thought when he saw a the side-by-side of his and Michael’s performances, he told CNN, “That’s all that was going through my mind… all I saw was that performance and thinking ‘I hope I’m doing that’.” You can take a look for yourself but I’m sure we’d agree that not only does he look just like the king of pop, there also aren’t many (if any) people that can do that, and that well.




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