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Love & Hip Hop NYC Episode 2: IM THE BEST

Love and Hip Hop NYC

This week on Love & Hip Hop NYC some secrets come out,new characters are introduced, and we learn that you don’t have to be well-known or talented to be the best. Every cast member is the absolute best.

We find out that Amina is Peter Gunz’s secret wife. Secret wife. What!?. Yes, I said it even though Tara and Peter have two children and live together; Mr.Gunz is married, with a license and everything to Amina. Raising the question…Who is truly the other woman?

Rich Dollaz has an impromptu meeting with the “Best Rapper in NYC” Nya Li at her video shoot. She puts very eloquently that she could never be associated with Rich because he is a, “cornball”. Harsh words from a nobody, but still accurate.

Yandy, K. michelle, and Paris meet up and discuss love, money, and the new record label. Yandy decides to throw K. Michelle a welcome to NYC party where she “casually” plans to invite Tara and Amina (unaware that they were “Loving The Same Man”). On the night of Peter finds out that both women were invited and swoops in just in time to stop Amina from going in to the club and running her mouth about their low-down matrimony.

We get to meet a new couple of Erica Jane and some guy who wasn’t in the opening credits. They’re story line is common. She’s the baby’s mother and he’s an “underground rapper” the “Best in NYC” as one might expect. They’re trying to make it work, but he’s not even sure if the baby is his.

Tahiry and Joe are on rocky waters as usual.Erica Mena pops up somewhere in the episode somewhere, and Yandy displays some concern about getting the new label off the ground.

We’re all aware that LHHNYC is LHHATL’s uglier cousin, and yes it’s clear to see the repeating story lines being placed In front of the camera, but I think this season of LHHNYC might prove itself worthy of VH1’s reality tv dynasty.

Nicholas Holden is a student, musician, and writer. Eager to one day pursue a career in the arts, he has become a So-So Active music journalism intern to gain both experience and expertise.