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Is Ariana Grande Cut Out To Make It In The Music Industry?

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She may be a great singer but a singing career may not be in her future. Ariana Grande, singer on such songs as The Way and Popular Song, forgot the lyrics to her song Right There. She was performing the song and was forced to ad lib due to her not remembering the lyrics to her song.

She took to twitter to laugh at herself, “just forgot the words to Right There on stage…lol it was awesome.” At least she can laugh at herself for making a mistake. However, is she truly ready for this life with a music career? She’s been compared to Mariah Carey due to her vocals hitting the highest of notes. She’s a terrific singer, I’ll give her that, but I don’t feel that she’s ready. Maybe she has a bad luck spell casted upon her. She did strain her vocals not too long ago, which resulted in her resting her vocals. She claimed it was from yelling too much at a party.

In my opinion, she lacks discipline. If she really wants to be the next Mariah, then she needs to become more disciplined with her vocals. Everyone forgets, I’ll give her that, but for someone who released an album that debuted in first place on the Billboard 200, she’s making costly mistakes.

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