Why Pune is the best city to live in after Retirement?

Why Pune is the best city to live in after Retirement

Pune which was known as the ancient capital of the region of Maharashtra since the ages of kings and rulers not only because of its geographical importance but also because of the natural beauty and abundance of resources it provided to the ancient kingdoms. I’m saying this because I have almost lived my entire life in Pune since I was posted here as a professor in a government college and it never came to my mind to leave this place and stay anywhere else in the world.

How did I buy my own 2 BHK flat in Pune after retirement?

As I mentioned earlier that I was not born or brought up in Pune but it was maybe somehow the alignment of stars that made me come over to this beautiful city called Pune. I’m actually from Nagpur; Maharashtra, where I was born and brought up and even, did my schooling and graduation from there. I was the only daughter of my parents and since I was Asthmatic, books were the only source of happiness for me since I was a child.

I always dreamt of becoming a teacher or a professor and that dream came true when I completed my Ph.D. and got the chance to teach at a government institute in Pune. I have never lived away from my home without my parents and that proved to be a very terrifying experience for me when I first came to Pune. But the city of Pune was one of the best experiences I had and I never wanted to leave this city and go anywhere else.

I never had to search for flats in Pune before I retired as my college had offered me professors bungalow since the day I started working there. As I have never been married nor have any children, the bungalow was too big for me and my parents whenever they visited me. My family had been my students and therefore I never had the opportunity to think about marrying.

Pune had been one of the most beautiful experiences of my life. Although a lot has changed in the past decades due to the rapid industrialization and the number of private educational institutes that have come up over here in Pune. But some of the things that I would always love about Pune and the reason it is one of the best places to live after retirement are:

  • The weather of Pune is amazingly pleasant all year round.
  • The availability of fresh fruits and vegetables all year round.
  • The amount of pollution is very less as compared to other major cities.
  • The beautiful views of the Western Ghats from the porch of your home are a view you can enjoy every day you want.
  • All facilities of a metropolitan area available at Pune without the commotion of cities like Mumbai.
  • There are many places and weekend destinations to visit near Pune
  • There are reputed hospitals, government, army and private in Pune.
  • There are reputed educational institutes present here if you are interested in the education of your children.
  • The peace and tranquillity in Pune is the most important feature of living in this city.

I have been living almost for more than 3 decades in my professor bungalow allotted by the college and therefore there had been no need for me to search for any other property in Pune but as I was approaching my retirement I had some tension about finding a proper 2 BHK flat in Pune which would be enough for me and my parents to live in.

The current market for flats in Pune has become very expensive and vast; therefore I was really worried about finding the perfect 2 BHK flat in Pune. I also had certain criteria’s while buying a 2 BHK flat in Pune like:

  • It has to have a great view from my balcony.
  • It has to be a gated colony with good security.
  • It has to be reasonably priced
  • The flat has to be ready to move in as I had very little time left for my retirement.
  • The flat has to be away from the crowded parts of the city with less commotion yet not much far away.

These particulars were very important to me for my 2BHK flat in Pune and I was really worried about finding such perfect flats in Pune anymore.

One of my students had suddenly called me up and told me to check out a new real estate website Housing.com which offered great features and guaranteed prices for flats in Pune. I was well aware of real estate websites but as I was not aware of the pros and cons of searching a flat online I was very unsure about the proposition.

Anyway, one fine day I decided to check out the website as I had to start somewhere and couldn’t believe the ease of finding flats in Pune through Housing.com. it was a great website and all I had to do was register through my Google account or one can register through any e-mail account.

The websites offered interesting features such as:

  • The locality was a great option on the website. I thought about buying flats in Pune in Wakad locality and the app would show all the 2 BHK flats in Pune available in that area.
  • There were other filters like that of the number of BHK’s, the number of bathrooms required.
  • Type of property and price range of property could also be set
  • Type of possession like ready to move or under construction.
  • The direction of the face of the flat.
  • Type of lister’s like owner for resale flats, or broker or developer for new flats in Pune
  • Amenities like parks, gym, swimming pool, parking
  • And one of the most important parts is the RERA compliance which would save me from any king of fraud or scam.

Housing.com also had options for renting of flat and can be called an all-round real estate website where the options were huge. This greatly helped me to find my dream property in Pune where I’m residing peacefully after my retirement.

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